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Upon my last work-free weekend

So you know how I posted a link to those red velvet cheesecake brownies? Guess who came home yesterday with red velvet cupcakes? TWELVE. I ate mine last night. IT WAS SO GOOD OMFG. Like, it was so sweet and sugary and exactly what I needed in my liiiiiiiiiiife.

I’m looking forward to my first day of work. Looking forward to and also VERY TERRIFIED THAT I WILL BE HORRIBLE AT MY JOB. I feel like this every time I start a new job. Deep breath. It’ll be okay, Sparkle Pants. Every Sunday evening for the past few months, I’ve looked wistfully out the window as people move around, wishing I was like them and mentally preparing for the next morning. AND NOW I AM AMONG THEM. It’s a very good feeling.

Apparently later we’re going to the antique fair(e?) and that will be fun because that ish is magically delicious.

I want to eat The BFF’s leftover nachos from their date last night. But I’m going to be good and not do that.


Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies (via Sweet Pea’s Kitchen)


Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies These Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies are rich, decadent and so perfect for Valentine's Day! Brownie and cheesecake batter are swirled together to make a festive and impressive dessert. Indianapolis, along with many other states in the Midwest, is coping with a huge ice storm that is supposed to cover us in over an inch of ice. Unfortunately the worst of the storm is supposed to come tonight. Today the school district that I work for was actually … Read More

via Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Lemon Herb Dutch Oven Chicken (via From the Little Yellow Kitchen)


Lemon Herb Dutch Oven Chicken I have been wanting to do this for a while now… but I needed a little inspiration. Thanks so much Julie @ The Little Kitchen ! With the temptation of a delicious¬† rotisserie chicken at a steal of a price for just $6.99 and ready to eat, it's so hard to turn down. And the stores are smart, they always have these sitting on a warmer, right near the checkout. Normally, I'd just grab one and go, but not this time; this time I sacked up and bought a … Read More

via From the Little Yellow Kitchen



I don’t have much other news than that. I did just discover that you can rebagel things on WP now, so I’m probably going to show you a post I just found for a delicious chicken recipe. Because OM NOM NOM FOOD.

OH THAT’S ANOTHER THING ABOUT HAVING A JOB: REGULAR ACCESS TO FOOD. So I can start getting back on the wagon in terms of not being a failing pile of disorder when it comes to eating. One of the first things I’m going to do when I get paid is make a huge fucking dinner, with like, a huge fucking dessert at the end. And I guess I might let other people eat some of it, too. Last night, Twelve made us bacon bison burgers to celebrate and omfg you guys, you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten one of his bison burgers. It’s like a party in your mouth and then a party in your belly. Tonight we’re having brownies and ice cream and champagne. LIKE A BOSS.


I promise nothing

The past few days have been weird. Weird because our phones got shut off, so we’re in this weird disconnected-but-connected limbo. A miscommunication made us an hour and a half late for a small birthday/pie-eating gathering, and another miscommunication sent my jury summons to an address I haven’t lived or been registered at for five years. The mood was strange at the gathering and the mood was strange when we got home, and then The BFF got sick and we had to pay a visit to the country pharmacy, which was as unpleasant as it sounds but we got the inhaler we needed, so it was worth it. I think. I hope? It amazes me that we are able to access this and it makes me sad that not everyone has the “luxury” of an hour-long wait in a crowded, poorly lit room with people in various states of mental and physical illness. I made chili for dinner last night (Friday) and it was really good. Better today.

It’s raining right now. It has given me a headache of spectacular proportions.

I’m addicted to playing UNO on Facebook.

I got passed up for another job this week, a job for which I was qualified. A job for which I thought I would be a good fit.

For most of the day, and part of last night, I had a thought solidly in my head and attached to that thought was “I need to write a blog post about this!” and of course, I’m unable to remember what exactly it is. It didn’t have anything to do with Egypt, but while we’re on the subject, I really wish we got Al-Jazeera here. On our cable. Or something. I’ve been watching it online and it’s just refreshing to hear about places that aren’t, you know, the U.S.

I really do have deeper thoughts on Egypt that don’t involve AJE but it’s hard to put them into words. My thoughts and spirit are with the people of Egypt as they fight to be heard. I wish them luck, safety, and peace.

I’m sleepy now, internets. I think I’m going to put down my computer.

Or play some more UNO.

And lo, my stomach rumbled

Y’all, I am hungry. Could you send me something to eat? My new bank card hasn’t shown up yet, so I can’t even go get something to remedy this gnawing in my belly. WHAT SHALL I DO? Probably start nibbling on my own foot before daybreak.

So tonight I felt more like a real-life adult than I have in a long time. We have been at Twelve’s house since Friday night (I’m waiting for the morning I wake up and he is waiting at the open front door with a smile on his face), and tonight he spirited away my BFF so he could fill in for someone on a bowling league. I settled myself on the couch, put on some good music, and knitted my little heart out. I FELT SO AWESOME AND INDEPENDENT. Which is sad when you’re in your thirties. This is what living with Roommate has done for my psyche.

No but seriously, I really do need something to eat. That handful of walnuts and that sweet potato I had at 1pm just ain’t cuttin’ it.

State of My Pants (SOMP)

I hated today. I hated it slightly less than I hated yesterday, except for the last 45 minutes or so. Now I hate today as much as I hated yesterday, if not more. SHAME ON YOU, TODAY. SHAME ON YOU.

Today was the State of the Union. Sigh. The state of the union is NOT GOOD. And it appears that it will continue being NOT GOOD for a while. What I thought of the speech is unimportant to this blog because I don’t feel like talking much about politics right now. Take your discussion elsewhere, internets.

All right, so the state of my pants is not that great either. There hasn’t been much change in anything at all. I’m waiting for my new bank card to show up. I’m applying for jobs each day. I’m fighting, and mostly winning, a battle against running far, far away. NEVER TO BE HEARD FROM AGAIN~

The state of my pants is over-dramatic. I feel like I’m thirteen.

Also? GIVE ME ALL THE FRIED FOOD IN THE LAND. Seriously. Hand it over and no one gets hurt. I refuse to say that I’m “eating my feelings” because I don’t believe in giving food a moral value. You know why? BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EFFING HAVE ONE. There is no good food and there is no bad food. There is just food and it all has nutritional value. Even those gummy bears in your hand. Calories! Which can be converted into energy! Also, are you hungry? Do you want a cupcake? Or a stalk of broccoli? THEN EAT THEM. Life is too short to worry about what you’re putting in your mouth. Your value isn’t in the number on the scale or printed on the tag stitched into your britches. I mean, yeah, it feels like it is but guess what? There are so many people out there who don’t actually give a shit what you weigh or what size your pants are, and the ones that do are probably doucherockets anyway and you don’t need to waste your time on them.


The state of my pants is very fat! And also sexy.

I bought SUPER CHUNK yarn to knit a cowl for The BFF. I sat down before dinner to get it on the needles and joined and stuff, and then I ate dinner, and then I came back and knit for a row. Things seemed…odd. But I ignored it. I knit another row. AND THEN THINGS SEEMED VERY AFOOT D: So then I knit another row because hey, I’m smart like that. And then I realized I could not tolerate the absolute horridness of my creation and I frogged it. Now the yarn is cast on but I haven’t done anything else with it.

The state of my pants is crafty.

I’ve had a headache for a few days. I’m not sure why and today was dotted with jaw pain, which probably means I’m spending my time with my jaw clenched, which I do without noticing until it feels like my face is going to fall off.

The state of my pants is owwwwww :(

Ugh technology

That’s supposed to be like, “ugh, technology! I hate you!” and not “ugh technology is quite sophisticated”. Just in case you were confused.

I started a post on my phone because I was too lazy to put my laptop to sleep, unplug it, and move it to the living room, which would mean I’d have to put it to sleep, unplug it, and move it back when I was done. My laptop doesn’t weigh 80 pounds and it certainly isn’t cumbersome to carry, but since it doesn’t have a battery, moving around with ease is not as easy as my lazy ass would like it to be.


So anyway, now the WordPress app on my phone is all, “screw you, I’m keeping that draft!” so here I am, writing a new one.

It’s 10:07pm on a Sunday night and I’m sitting in bed, struggling to keep my beautiful little eyes open. I think the past two nights of staying up until VERY LATE AT NIGHT/VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING and getting up WHILE THERE IS STILL AN ‘AM’ IN THE TIME and then DOING LOTS OF THINGS SOME OF WHICH INCLUDE ADORABLE BUT EXHAUSTING SMALL CHILDREN is catching up with me. Let me sleep, yo. We’ve been crashing at Twelve’s house for quite some time (for those not in the know, Twelve is The BFF’s partner (‘boyfriend’ for those of you who are confused), and he is also a friend of mine and he is incredibly generous with his house right now and ours can get a little crowded and so yeah, we’re here right now) and….well, okay, ‘quite some time’ = since Friday night. And we have been BUSY.

It just dawned on me that I think I’ve already mentioned all of this. OH WELL. TROLOLOLO REDUNDANCY.

HEY GUESS WHAT? The Steelers are in the Super Bowl.

Ohhhkay. What was I saying? Right. I’m old and tired. Exactly. Late this afternoon, we went to The BFF’s sister’s house to celebrate their dad and brother’s birthdays. Sister and Brother-In-Law kindly grilled burgers for us and cooked some french fries and they must’ve slipped and hit their heads because they made ambrosia. This is California, not North Carolina omg. Anycrap. I passed on the ambrosia to make room in my stomach for LOTS OF BURGERS covered with LOTS OF ONIONS.

Okay, see, this is what happened. So like, I made my first burger and put just a couple little slips of onion on it and it was like a taste explosion in my mouth. I WANT ONIONS. LOTS OF THEM. So I made a second burger, which was more like “hey Sparkle Pants, would you like some bun and meat and cheese and condiments with that onion or are you cool like that?” It’s a good thing there’s not a Mr. Sparkle Pants because he’d be investing in a gas mask right about now. MY BREATH IS AWESOME AND CAN ALSO WILT FLOWERS AT 100 PACES.

Seriously, I am so old and tired. I even had coffee with my dessert and I’m still half asleep while I type this. I’m going to read some more of the awesome book I plucked off the shelf at the library a few weeks ago. It’s called The Rice Mother. Great narrative voice, excellent storytelling and progression. I highly recommend it.

TTFN, internets.

With a side of powdered sugar donuts

What the hell kind of week was this? A bad one. Like, in addition to getting passed over for someone else at an awesome job and having to cobble together money to keep my car insurance current, The BFF had her own stuff go down, which I won’t discuss her but seriously, save the drama for your mama. Yesterday (Friday) was a particularly horrid type of bad, which started with me waking up after about three hours of sleep, gasping my way through a panic attack because I had another nightmare. And then there were angry words because someone was being mean and accusatory, and then there was the gathering together of change to buy an ice cream for The BFF, because she needed an ice cream.


Yeah. Some doucherag stole my card number and attempted to buy some jewelry. I declined the charge, they put a block on my card, and told me to call my bank. My bank’s customer service had closed 15 minutes earlier. Given how things have been going lately, I just broke down completely. It wasn’t any kind of “what will I do now?” breakdown. It was a “what have I done that was horrible enough to deserve all of this?” and a “I can’t do this anymore” breakdown. A friend offered to give me some gas money and cook us dinner, which was really nice, but after having to ask a bunch of friend and strangers for money (though this was done on my behalf by another friend) and having had generosity turned against me in the past (of the “I do all of this for you and you do nothing for me” type), I just couldn’t deal.

I called the bank this morning and it turns out that I was so fast in responding to Visa that the charge didn’t even go through, so I don’t have to worry about fighting to get the $90 put back in my account. It never went away! Which is good, because I actually had 96 cents in the bank.

Today has been much better. I slept in, had some really good coffee, then some really good breakfast and more coffee, and now I’m just sitting here with my friends, looking at my computer. My parents are going to make my car insurance payment since the money I have for it isn’t available right now, and I’ll pay them back this week.

I like today way better than yesterday.


Insomnia, my old friend. Fortunately I can stay in bed, not sleeping and typing this post on my phone. Three cheers for technology! I’m actually lying here waiting for Roommate to leave so I can snag some breakfast. Maybe food will help? Maybe a hammer to the skull would be more efficient…it’d certainly be messier.

Okay, so we’ve been watching a lot of Disney channel lately, after having gone months without really watching much of anything. I had forgotten how comforting mindless shows and safe television (lacking commercials full of sex and shows full of obnoxious adults) can be.

BACK TO MY POINT. There’s a new show on called Fish Hooks. It’s a cartoon mixed with uh…copypasta animation? You know, where they insert real images that are digitally altered and then animated? Hard to explain. Anyway, it’s about a sea creature school that appears to take place in a pet store.

IT IS HILARIOUS. At first it was annoying but the more I watch it, the funnier it is. There’s an octopus named Jocktopus, who is…a jock. Like, in this one episode, he wants to beat up one of the fish (either Oscar or Milo) and he’s all “Jocktopus has eight friends for you!” and then he holds up one of his tentacles and says “This one is Jocktopus’ favorite.”


But my favorite character that isn’t the character voiced by Chelsea Staub who I love and who also needs to marry Joe Jonas but omg seriously. My favorite character is Clamantha. I haven’t paid enough attention to figure out why, but no one likes Clamantha and she’s always trying to trick people into picking her for stuff. She’s a clam, she wears a headband and she has googly eyes.

I feel sleepy now, so maybe breakfast will wait a few hours. My goal for today is to get an ice cream at McDonald’s. Unemployment makes me ambitious!