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I am Milk




I’ve been really busy the past few days…weeks. Months. Years. Whatever. The election sucked up whatever time I once had and since Tuesday night, I’ve been doing homework and/or crying and/or still trying to convince people that Obama isn’t a Socialist. I just finished my second short story, which means I’ve finished more writing in the past two months than I have in a year. GO ME.

I have a lot to say on the election but given my mixed readership of 5 people, I’ll hold off for another day.

Okay, so I can’t embed this video because it only works if you view it on this page. It’s David Thewlis being awesome on KTLA. He looks incredibly hot.

I think that’s it for right now. I’m very tired and hungry and The Daily Show is on!


I bet you lose

El Oh El

For the ladies

I’ll just leave you ladies (and perhaps a few gents?) with that image. Let it burn itself into your brains.

Fay Fay Fay

It’s raining. A lot.

So watching Doctor Who before bed tends to cause some pretty hilarious dreams. The night before last, I had an elaborate Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover dream. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything but Dumbledore and The Doctor flying through the air trying to catch the TARDIS. Though to be fair, that visual is pretty entertaining. Last night I don’t really know what I was dreaming about but (I’m sure it was better than this?) all of a sudden, there was David Tennant in his pinstripes and his trainers and his brainy specs. There was this blinding light pouring in the windows and he affixed a cell phone to the window, put his hands in his pockets, and said, “We’ll just let that absorb the radiation for a bit!” And then he went skipping down the steps all Doctor-like. LOVE.

Last night when I got home from work, I called the 5-0. My car has been keyed a couple of times and the apartment complex likes to keep track of these things, so I made an official report. The cop was very nice and very hot and told me everything I already knew: there’s probably nothing they can do and my deductible probably won’t cover the repairs. Well fine. But I feel less like throttling the children in my complex, so I guess that’s a plus.

If you have children, please teach them the value of personal property.


I was going to use that space up there to talk about David Thewlis but then I realized a) I have nothing to say and b) …IDK.

HAVE YOU SEEN GARY OLDMAN PLAYING FOOTIE YET? Have I posted that? I can’t remember.

Here’s the actual promo spot:

And some outtakes:

I just found something Thewlisy to share with you. The trailer to Cheeky, the movie he wrote. I want to see it very badly but it’s hard to find. IT LOOKS FUNNY AND SAD. MY FAVORITE COMBINATION.


I should update more, right? I just don’t have much to say to the general public right now. I have a lot to say, yes, but I prefer to keep that locked down because I have some sort of reputation here of being…well. Okay. I have no reputation.

I just discovered some Gary Oldman pr0n on YouTube. From the Donna Karan ads from a million years ago. Or. Whenever.


Amist I bovvered?


Catherine Tate = funniest. ever.

I’m thinking of The Long, Long Trailer…

Come to the candy mountain!

I celebrated the 4th of July like any good patriotic American: I had a beer. Or two. I don’t remember. Not because I had too much to drink. No, I don’t remember because I don’t care to. The 4th of July was really just July 4, 2008 for me. I don’t get too excited about that holiday; I only care that it means I get to take a day off work and be paid for it. That is the only thing that matters in the end.

There were also torrential rain showers all weekend. Our parking lot is made almost entirely of mud now. I haven’t ventured out to my car yet (I take the bus to work) to see if the water level rose high enough to ruin my life. I’m kind of hoping it didn’t. If it did, I might cry. A lot. So we stayed inside all weekend because it’s also been quite nasty out with the heat and the humidity, which are both things I despise. I fought with our internet for about an hour Saturday night until I finally convinced it to work. No internet in our household means we’ll probably be dead before you can say SPAMMITY CALAMITY.

On Friday I watched all of The Island of Dr. Moreau on YouTube. Oh yes, I am that classy. I didn’t mean to. I just sat down to watch the beginning and the next thing I knew, I had clicked through about 8 parts of the movie and decided I might as well just watch the end. That movie is like a bad acid trip with some really attractive scenery. I was most pleased by a weary, dirty David Thewlis walking around in the surf without any shoes on.

I know I’m about 20 years late on this boat but I don’t care. This is some funny stuff:

Does that make me crazy?

This morning I had a very Lost in Translation-esque dream. I was in Paris/Amsterdam (don’t ask me how they managed to be the same place at the same time) alone. I didn’t speak any French or Dutch and I was near the Eiffel Tower, which was surrounded by the most exotic and colorful garden I’ve ever seen, and I was walking along this breezeway and OMFG, I passed David Thewlis, at which point Paris/Amsterdam became Rome. I DO NOT KNOW. So I was kind of silently freaking out because OMG David Thewlis lives here, which means Ann Friel does too and OMG. Then this man and woman, who supposedly I kind of knew (? idk), came up while I was sitting there watching David and Anna and Gracie eating lunch at this posh bistro, and they were all LET’S EAT HERE, SHALL WE? And I was like, NO I CANNOT EAT IN FRONT OF THEM ARE YOU KIDDING??? But we went there anyway and we didn’t eat. We just drank a lot of wine and then we watched The O.C.

No lie.

David Thewlis and Anna Friel totally watched The O.C. with me in my dream. I KNOW YOU’RE JEALOUS OF ME RIGHT NOW.

So yesterday I found out the seat locations for our DMB show in a few weeks. We’re sitting in the same general area we always sit in. Which isn’t bad! And I’m glad to be going! Just someday, I’d like to be one of those lucky bastards who gets confirmed for the 2nd row or something.

I watched a show about Hitler last night. I love having History Channel International again. It’s like, my favorite channel ever.

I brought the laptop to work with me today so I can do things on my lunchbreak (AKA HANG OUT IN THE BURROWS) and I’m kind of thrilled because that means I have Order of the Phoenix at my immediate disposal. Can you say Sirius and Remus cuddling at the table? Sure, I knew you could!

Here, watch Gary Oldman and David Thewlis be all hot for each other in this interview. David Thewlis is a deer. GARY OLDMAN SAID SO.

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