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They will know us by the really gross pictures of dead people

Is anyone else disturbed by the government flashing the pictures of Zarqawi’s dead face all over the place? I mean, why not go ahead and strap him to the hood of Air Force One? When I heard about this earlier in the morning, I was half asleep and listening to NPR. I didn’t hit snooze because I could tell by the sound of the reporter’s voice that this was something I needed to listen to. I can’t say I was totally awash with glee. Over at the BBC News “Have Your Say” on this, some people are expressing doubt. Doubt that this is going to change anything (it won’t). Someone has already yelled at these “pro-insurgency” people because not throwing a victory celebration over the death of another human being obviously means you love terrorists, hate America, and deserve to die, you lousy scum.

On a brighter note, I should be packing and guess what? I’m making this post and eating cereal. I have 50 minutes to get dressed, throw the last of my toiletries into the suitcase, and head out the door. I’m all checked in for my flights today and hopefully Delta won’t bump my flight up half an hour like they did to ku nkiko when she flew west a few weeks ago. I mean, I don’t need anymore time in Atlanta. Believe me.

Have a good weekend, y’all!


Everything’s not lost

Am currently ripping random cds to put on the Zen. Realized last night that I don’t have Before These Crowded Streets (Dave Matthews Band) on my computer (shame), nor do I have Parachutes (Coldplay), Grace (Jeff Buckley), or Fly (Dixie Chicks), all of which I need. Grace is ripping right now and Mojo Pin is making me think of being tucked into a seat on the plane, eyelids heavy, Jeff Buckley crooning in my ear. Sleep. Glorious sleep. I’m wiped out. No matter what I do, I am always so exhausted at the end of my shift. It is all I can do to drive home and not collapse. Tonight I came home and began eating. Stopped long enough to shave my legs and throw some things in a suitcase. Uploaded some new pictures to Flickr.

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Bed sounds so good right now.

Five hours in ATL

I’m debating taking my laptop with me on this trip. It’s so lovely to travel without it but five hours in ATL. Five. Hours. I will probably need to charge the nifty mp3 player I just checked out from the library (I love working here), which requires the computer, which requires me securing an outlet at the airport. If I take my laptop, I will be able to visit Delta’s website (oooh) and possibly ATL’s website (oooh squared) and I will be able to write. That’s a plus. I will be able to listen to music if the mp3 player croaks. Another plus. My mom suggested I take MARTA to Peachtree Center and hang out. I mean, that would be so very cool if I weren’t afraid of getting totally lost on MARTA and ending up in Stockbridge or something. Besides, it’s MARTA. I’ve heard the stories.

I’m still not sold on the laptop. What do you guys think?

I had a choice between an iPod Shuffle and a Zen (Creative Labs). I chose the Zen player because it is 6GB and I can control what I listen to with relative ease. I’m a big fan of playlists. I don’t know a lot about Shuffles but they don’t have a display screen and I haven’t liked them when I’ve gone to the mecca of geekdom, the Apple Store, and played with them. The Zen player is hooked up to my work computer currently, charging its little guts out.

I also snagged a digital camera since mine takes pictures that turn out looking like it’s constantly 9pm. It’s sleek and thin with a big display screen. A Casio something-or-other. I’m going to take the batteries out of my antiquated discman at lunch, pop them into the camera, and go exploring to see how this puppy works.

(Insert a huge lapse in time)

Well, the camera is great. Has a ton of buttons to push and amazing zoom. I’m still getting used to it; a lot of the pictures I took were very dark. I blame the really crazy weather we’ve had today. I will show off the pictures when I get home. Also, the Zen is charged and ready to be crammed full of songs!

I’m one of the cool kids now.

About 80% of the time, I love that I’m one of those girls who gets along better with guys. I can be crass and sarcastic and foul and they don’t seem to mind. We egg each other on and I gain a protective big brother type.

Right now, I’m basking in that 80% because not only did I get invited to go white water rafting last week, I just got invited to San Francisco tomorrow. “We aren’t leaving until 2:00. Does that help?” They have no idea how tempting it is and hard it is to say no, especially since some of them will be in North Beach. But spending the afternoon with legislative aides learning about leadership? I think not.

Wait! I shall totally reaffirm my cool.

I know you’re all dying to hear about the trip, so here’s my summary: it was humid, we got soaked at the DMB show but it was fun, DMB was the ass-kicker of you as always, we got a Nancies tease, #34 tease, and a Joyride tease, did I mention Dave was hot?, I fell in love with Chapel Hill, I did not want to leave, they have a McAllister’s Deli where we had lunch and I fondled my roast beef sandwich with glee, I started my period a week early because little Miss Smarty Pants who overslept the morning of our departure TO North Carolina (oh yeah! by an hour and a half! wee!!) forgot her BC pills that regulate her and make her not want to kill everyone, it was 109 when we landed in Phoenix Thursday night, and I did nothing productive at work on Friday except answer the phone the entire two times it rang. Oh, and there are also other things that happened that I am disinclined to share with you at this moment for reasons of self-preservation, but rest assured I did not have dirty hippy mud-sex with any of the incredibly hot and underage Warehousers that were sitting in our section. Nor did I get incredibly drunk. Nor did I get post-concert pancakes (and in Sparkle Pants-world, that means at the very least a huge omelet and hashbrowns) because the IHOP on Capital Blvd in Raleigh (note to future visitors of Raleigh: avoid Capital Blvd at all costs and in fact, just skip Raleigh while you’re at it) closes at MIDNIGHT. Yeah. Midnight. Bitches. I won’t even get into how much ass our hotel room sucked. But the pizza boy from Pizza Hut was so hot that I gave him a $3 tip. Just for being hot. He didn’t know that. He also didn’t know that I answered the door wearing absolutely no type of undergarments under that baggy shirt, cardigan, and pajama pants (and YES I wear my cardigans everywhere because I am old and single and there are cobwebs in my vagina).

I am now taking a breath.

Because of frantic money-spending just before the trip (bills, concert tickets (Howiiieeee!), backpacks and things of that nature and ooooh my new backpack is lavendar and gray and soooo teh cute) and because of the mondo swag I purchased at the DMB show and at UNC, I am now broke. Again. And have to wait until the end of the month to have money again. I did, however, splurge and buy Stitch n Bitch as I am convinced that being a dateless, celibate not exactly by choice 27-year-old woman is not reason enough for people to mock the hell out of me. I just spent the past hour drooling over patterns and needles and skeins and OH MY GOD THE KNITTING I WOULD DO IF I HAD MONEY FOR YARN AND NEW NEEDLES.


It is hotter than ass outside right now and therefore, hotter than ass in this bedroom because that’s what happens when two people are force to store their entirety of their belongings (including two computers, a laptop, tv, vcr, and digital cable box) in a room that is 10 feet by 10 feet.

And how am I going to totally reaffirm my cool, you ask? By saying that I’m writing a story that will blow your minds. Or at least wonder why I haven’t given up and picked a new career already.

Is Raleigh ready for us?

We’re leaving at four. It’s a quarter to midnight. No sleep ’til Brooklyn. Pray for us! Expect a full report Friday!

First DMB show of the summer Wednesday night!!