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ETA: This post is now a separate page and can be found under “Important site information”.


This blog has existed since early-to-mid 2005. Those of you who have been reading it or are new to this blog but have known me for a long time know that the past six years have been full of a lot of difficult times and change. As I’ve gone back through old entries to categorize ones I was too lazy to categorize when I made them or ones that I imported from the blog before this, I’ve had the changes in my life made all too clear.

Mostly, it’s a problem of language.

You all know that I love words. I love stringing them together. I love shouting them like they are all onomatopoeia. I also love that words have meaning. Specific meaning. Yes, language is always evolving but that isn’t an excuse to take a word and change it because you want it to mean something else, something with fewer consequences. Words still mean things, even if the language and definitions of words change. Words have meaning.

I read some cringe-worthy things in old entries that made me really, really, really ashamed (most notably: calling Ann Coulter ‘Mann Coulter’. Yeesh), but those things also served to show me how much I’ve changed, how much my own language and usage have evolved, and how it remains true that we never stop learning, we never stop growing, we never stop changing. Or at least we should, or try to, because life is constantly evolving, even minutely, and as a species, we are capable of learning. You can teach an old dog new tricks. She might not like it but she can definitely learn.

It’s a little timely, the rejuvenation of this blog. Remember the whole Huck Finn/n-word debacle from several weeks back and how so many of us don’t want it revised or edited to hide a shameful part of our nation’s past? That’s a lot like what I went through when reading my old entries. At first I wanted to change them all. Some I wanted to delete outright. I wanted to erase my mistakes and make myself look more awesome, always cool, always correct and sensitive and intelligent.

But that’s not right.

My ignorance at the time does not excuse the sexist, sizeist, ableist language that dots my old entries. Now that I am a little wiser, I can begin anew with my evolved language and try harder not to offend, belittle, erase, and demean others. It will be a constant effort because just like my language, my thoughts are always evolving. I meet new people, thanks to the internet, who introduce me to things I hadn’t noticed or realized yet, given my privilege as a white, (mostly) straight, cisgender woman. They force me to think. I am grateful to them for that, whether or not they know it, whether or not they know me.

Part of my plan for restarting this blog is to take old entries and show you how I could change them if I wanted. I won’t actually edit the entries permanently on the site; instead, I’ll do it in a new entry or a pdf or a Google Doc, depending on the length of the entry and number of problems I find.

I’m sticking this post to the front page so everyone will always see it. I know it will get annoying. Maybe I’ll turn this into a page if people actually start reading this blog and complain about having to scroll past the same entry every single effing time.

If you notice something I say or use that is problematic for you, please don’t hesitate to comment on the post or if it makes you more comfortable, send me an email. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email and I’ll try my best to answer it.



Is anyone even checking this anymore? I’m thinking of deleting it.





Okay but seriously, delurk. I did, so you can too!

An experiment, please ignore

Breaking Dawn.
Stephenie Meyer.

That is all. Please carry about your normal tasks.


I’m just testing something. Apparently my tags are being eaten by WordPress.


ETA: WordPress only 45 tags in your cloud and there’s some speculation as to WHICH 45 it is. IDK. I have to make better tags and use them more. EXPECT MORE POSTS.


Don’t freak out, friends. I just deleted my MySpace. I’ve been considering it for awhile now. The only people on there I want to keep up with, I keep up with in other ways and MySpace really chagrins me, so why even bother?


We will all be okay without MySpace to tell us how to feel, think, and act. Trust me. I’m a professional.

For the time being, if you want to ~social network~ me, you’ll have to stick with this blog (or any of the 800 others) or Facebook or IM or something like that. Okay? Can we all agree that this is for the best?


I’m glad you’re so level-headed, internets.


If you Googled this: how do i start a eating disorder or how to start a eating disorder, please please please email me.

Internet kismet

Have you ever come across a blog and wondered how in the world such a gem could exist without your knowing about it? And you start reading more and more posts and you’re all OMG HILARIOUS! OMG! ME TOO! ME TOO! SISTER FRIEND ME TOO!??

That just happened to me! Well, okay. It happens pretty much any time I read a blog because I’m a chameleon. I also like blogs a lot. But still, Mackenzie’s blog did that to me in a way that made me want to tell you all to go READ her blog now because she is funny. She might be less funny if you’re male. I don’t know, you men are so weird these days.

She has inspired me to post a picture of my white ass legs but I can’t do that right now, given the 8 years of leg hair currently residing there (unless you’d like to see my spikey gams, then I will gladly oblige — but I really hope you don’t because there are some really attractive guys who read this blog and I would hate to do anything to make them think any less of me). So I’ll shave them up here pretty soon and show you what white legs REALLY LOOK LIKE. Girl, your legs aren’t white. MINE are white. Blindingly so. And also a little pink. I’m kind of like a toddler in that as I get older, the more I resemble my two-year-old self.

Okay. Enough rambling. Back to reading Mackenzie’s blog.

Bed head

I woke up with the best bed head this morning. I went into the bathroom, put in my contacts, and took my first clear view of myself. Wow!  Tremendous bed head! So I dreamed up a tremendous bed head scenario and merrily went about my day.

Which brings us to the Sparkle Pantsosphere. You know, last night I was all “OMG I POSTED ABOUT THIS AT MY BLOG!” on another blog and this morning when I checked my stats, I wanted to retract it all because hey, all of a sudden people were coming to my blog. I’m fine being a stupid, shallow, boring blogger around my friends and total strangers who stumble in looking for variations on “do it all night lyrics” and “sparkly html” but when a bunch of people in a community I have mad respect for come over for a visit? Well, it’s kind of like that time I gave my friend a ride and he spent the entire time making fun of my dirty car and my Nsync CD.

So, tremendous bed head vs. crippling fear of humiliation. It’s a cage fight and only one will walk away.

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A multitude of items

Things I discovered last night upon checking over my Flocked entries: Flock doesn’t recognize HTML tags (so far as I know) and it will maintain the regular blog formatting unless I copy and paste something in (like the email from MADRE). Good to know. I’m kind of enamored with Flock thus far, though I have many, many accounts and wow, my sidebar is FULL. Pros: easy to blog to multiple blogs at once (as far as I can tell, I can be logged into both this blog AND the Super Secret Writing Blog ™ at the same time), quick access to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and my Gmail and Yahoo accounts. The feed feature seems nice — it set up my WordPress comment feeds when I associated my blogs with Flock and it did the same with Flickr as well — but I’m a little wary of importing all of my Google Reader data. We’ll see.

Okay, blah blah blah. Enough geeking.

Time for your Friday cute! I’m doing this on purpose, mainly for one person. Because I want to make this person suffer. Also because this person is taking a ginormously hard test tomorrow (right? tomorrow?) and they’re going to need something cute as a distraction:

An update on yesterday’s clothing dilemma: no dice. I still have no idea what to wear. I have a few options, including one top that stands to reveal a little more than I’d probably like to if I stop paying attention to how I’m sitting. But it’s a nice top and black, which is perfect. It will need a good washing first. Oh, life. How you are so dodgy sometimes. I also didn’t get to make the birthday girl’s CD because I am lazy and also because I spent most of last night freaking out and/or dancing around to DMB.

This morning I woke up with Kanye West’s “Golddigger” stuck in my head. I used to hate that song. Now I love it. In sadder news, iChip still doesn’t report to iLike. Bummer!

How about some iChip random Friday goodness?

1. Don’t Leave Me on My Own – Chris Issak
2. Rock Your Body – Justin Timberlake
3. When It Rains – Tristan Prettyman
4. Spoon – Dave Matthews Band (7.30.2003, Marysville, CA)
5. Love at the Five and Dime – Nanci Griffith and Darius Rucker
6. Superstition – Ben Harper (live)
7. Merciful Rain – Leigh Nash (City on a Hill)
8. Stunt – Paperface
9. I Will Buy You a New Life – Everclear
10. Shankill Butchers – The Decemberists

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