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I am a bad sick person

I suck at being sick. I hate the exhaustion and the brain fuzzies and I hate people taking care of me and I hate missing work. Right now I have really bad allergies/summer cold AND a migraine and I just want to sit around and whine about it ALL DAY LONG. Today I came home around 10:30 and proceeded to sleep most of the day. I did wake up in time for the Giants game. OBVIOUS POINT IS OBVIOUS. Now the game is over and there’s nothing to distract me from feeling like ass and I really hope the NyQuil kicks in soon so I can get some more sleep.

I’m sitting on a blog post I started over the weekend…or last week…about Stuff That Has Happened. I’ve started posts like it about a million times before so hopefully I can actually get through this one. It’s hard to sit down and put it all into words. It’s all a blur now and I try not to think about it because it triggers me and makes me freak out a little, but it’s necessary. There are people who need to know the story – strangers and non-stranger alike – and this is the only way I can really do it.

So on to happier things. Panda was back tonight! It was awesome! But it kind of made me sad because seriously, 2012 is the next time we’ll see Buster behind the plate, and Freddy’s future is totally uncertain.

COMPLETELY UNRELATED. Due to some developments with my family, I’ve had some very Oklahoma phone calls with my parents the past few weeks. Phone calls that involve my dad putting his phone out the window so I can hear trains and warning bells and there is a lot of talk about ‘ol’, which in non-Oklahoman is ‘oil’. It has made me quite homesick. I miss my family. I was with them this time last year and while I wasn’t completely happy – too much turmoil in my life in general – I loved being with them. Hope to get to see them soon.


Okay and also

I found this on Tumblr and idek who came up with this genius idea but I sent it to my mom because I was like, SHE WOULD MARRY THE SHIT OUT OF THIS CAKE.

I mustache your opinion on this cake


I saw this. And thought of my father.


see more dog pictures

Facebook: a place for families

Y’all, my uncle just friended me on Facebook. I’ve not seen him since I was 8. I’m also friends with my cousins (his children) and my parents. I went in and tried to tweak my profile a bit, so they won’t think I’m a complete loser but I really think I’m beyond hope. I am big geek and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


IDK what I was going to say here. Invariably something about The Remus Lupins, who have been owning my life this week. I listen to The Seven Potters and my soul feels a bit warm and fuzzy.

It has taken me a while to write this entry because god, WORK keeps getting in the way (wtf?) but I just got this message from my uncle:

yo sparklepants

**** got me onto fb. how cool is that? i’m trying to write on your wall.


I LOVE MY UNCLE, OK. That solidified it for me.


That is all for now.

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Y’all, my mum and dad are here! Yay! They got in last night and it is lovely having them here, so you probably won’t hear much from me this week.


I just spoke with my parents, who, at 11:30 in the morning, weren’t even to Tulsa yet. They had “errands” to run this morning. My dad sent me a YouTube video of him wrestling the dog at 8:30. My parents are usually those leave-at-7 people. OMG. What is the world coming to??

Today I have a lot of things to do. But not at the moment. I’m giving myself a few hours to play. Wee! IDK.

The day made of win and awesome

March 20*, 2000: the start of a beautiful relationship

Eight years ago, The BFF and I formed a sacred union based on a mutual admiration of Mazzy Star, five o’clock shadows, and the FKA. Times are tough right now, tougher than I ever thought they could ever be, but as long as I have The BFF by my side, then I will be okay. Even if that means eating Ramen for the next four months and crying ourselves to sleep at night.

I love you, BFF. You are the macaroni to my cheese.

*Actual date remains unknown, as we both lost/deleted a lot of emails from around that time due to an insane bitch-whore going all bitch-whore on us [I tried to give her a tight present.]

ETA: I need an equally large boa.

The second March 19 in a row to suck

The extended Sparkle Pantsosphere, namely The BFF and her family, suffered a loss, so please send your warm and fuzzy vibes their way. It will be greatly appreciated by all.

Ho ho ho

Here. Tired. Sleep. More later.

Two will enter

Be sure to watch The Colbert Report tonight! The Decemberists (or at least their guitarist) will be on. I hate to say this, but you’re going down, Stephen.

In other news, my insomnia has flared up in the past few days. I was just starting to feel moderately like not ripping out all of my hair last night when Roommate called from California (it knows how to party, btw) to say she had landed safely. This was around 2:30 in the morning. I was supposed to get up early and do things like recreate old playlists for my upcoming trek but what did I do instead? I slept. I slept and dreamed about breaking our garbage disposal. That is how entirely exciting my life is. In my dream, I was cleaning out the fridge before leaving and decided the best way to clean out the fridge was to just shove every single food item into the garbage disposal and then turn it on. The G.D. didn’t like that too much.

Tonight I get to make my playlists and I have to (have to have to have to) do one load of laundry, even if I have to leave it scattered around the apartment to air dry. My clothes are taking on personalities at this point, they’re so dirty. Plus I need something mildly not-rank to drive around in for two days because I’d like to get to my mom and dad’s not smelling like something died on me, thank you.

I did achieve one morsel of awesomeness this morning: I cleaned my car windows (the insides). Apparently CarMax vacuums the floor and makes the outside nice and shiny but neglects the DUST GATHERING ON THE WINDOWS. And it isn’t normal dust, it’s that odd car dust that is more like a film of nasty scum that makes you think your windows are fogging up. So that’s all taken care of and you wouldn’t believe how clear the view out of the back window of the VUE is! Bwahahaa!

Tomorrow morning I get to visit Target, my favorite place in the world, for some batteries and travel essentials. Then it’s off to work for a massively huge two-hour holiday party of pizza and festive cookies. Then home to pack, sleep (God willing), and then up at the butt-crack of dawn to begin my two-day journey that will take me across two entire states and halfway across two other states.

Tonight! The Colbert Report! The Decemberists! Wee!