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Sleepy with a side of heartburn


We didn’t do much tonight. We took last night and tonight off from move-related matters because we were getting grumpy and frazzled and we both just needed some down time from all the chaos. Things are a little better except now I have some raging heartburn. Blech.

Tonight we watched a documentary that I had seen part of before and that BFF had seen all of – Super High Me. I love it, mostly because pot jokes by people who smoke pot are hilarious. But I got angry at the end when they showed the DEA raiding the dispensaries. I always get angry when people try to stand in the way of help for the people who need it most. The healthcare system in this country is fucking atrocious and I defy you to find an example of how it is awesome for someone with little to no income and chronic illnesses or pre-existing conditions. GIVE ME CONCRETE EVIDENCE OF HOW OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM GIVES A FUCK AND MAYBE I’LL CHANGE MY TUNE.


So when I watch the DEA taking away the medication that a lot of people rely on to function pain free or anxiety free or nausea free or WHATEVER FREE, I get really angry. Why not just go down to the local Rite Aid and close down that pharmacy too? Because the shit they’re pushing is way more harmful than the stuff being sold at dispensaries.


Look at all the fucks I give!


Okay, so first things first, work is pretty awesome and I enjoy being employed LIKE A BOSS. My coworkers are nice and fun to work with and we get shit done while still being awesome. I am terrified of the day when I am shoved into the swimming pool and forced to sink or swim, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Other than that though, holy balls. People were supremely douchey this week. First there is Little Girl, who I have written off as a person I ever want to have anything to do with again. I can take or leave Little Girl, but she is kind of involved in The BFF’s life, so while I can be flip and give zero fucks about her, I still need to be supportive of The BFF. And then there is this other person, who I will not mention by name or otherwise right now, but ugh. If you read my blog, just…ugh. Go away. I don’t want your traffic here.

Now. I NEED TO GET MY ASS IN BED. Well. It’s already IN bed but it needs to get to sleep. Also: can we take a moment to observe the awesometasticness of Wisconsin, Libya, and Bahrain (not to mention all of the other countries fighting to have their voices heard)? Because damn, y’all. YOU ARE GETTING SHIT DONE.

Thanks, Chrome!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR LOSING ALL THOSE TABS I HAD OPEN. THOSE TABS HELD UNTOLD RICHES AND…well, okay it was just a bunch of links for jobs I need to apply for, and I could probably duplicate the results by going back to Craigslist but UGH IT IS 11PM WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEE?

I also lost a whole bunch of links about JOB INTERVIEWS and HOW NOT TO SUCK AT THEM. Sigh. Clearly I have a lot of first world problems. Why am I complaining about them when there are people halfway around the world being murdered for standing up for themselves? Because…I’m an American and it’s what we do. Glum.

This blog post just took a turn for the somber. The past week or so has shown me that I am really uneducated about some parts of the world. There are some areas that I know quite a bit about. Egypt is not one of those places. I posted a link on Facebook yesterday that was how to avoid saying stupid things about Egypt. There was something on it about how fierce Egyptian women are and have been throughout their history. I…I want to know more about that. I need to know more about that.

On a completely unrelated and fluffier note, GO LOOK AT HOWIE GO GO GO. Internets, did I ever tell you about the time I met Howie? I KNOW RIGHT? After all these years, I finally met him. And you’ll be glad to know that we parted ways unscathed. It’s a miracle.

With a side of powdered sugar donuts

What the hell kind of week was this? A bad one. Like, in addition to getting passed over for someone else at an awesome job and having to cobble together money to keep my car insurance current, The BFF had her own stuff go down, which I won’t discuss her but seriously, save the drama for your mama. Yesterday (Friday) was a particularly horrid type of bad, which started with me waking up after about three hours of sleep, gasping my way through a panic attack because I had another nightmare. And then there were angry words because someone was being mean and accusatory, and then there was the gathering together of change to buy an ice cream for The BFF, because she needed an ice cream.


Yeah. Some doucherag stole my card number and attempted to buy some jewelry. I declined the charge, they put a block on my card, and told me to call my bank. My bank’s customer service had closed 15 minutes earlier. Given how things have been going lately, I just broke down completely. It wasn’t any kind of “what will I do now?” breakdown. It was a “what have I done that was horrible enough to deserve all of this?” and a “I can’t do this anymore” breakdown. A friend offered to give me some gas money and cook us dinner, which was really nice, but after having to ask a bunch of friend and strangers for money (though this was done on my behalf by another friend) and having had generosity turned against me in the past (of the “I do all of this for you and you do nothing for me” type), I just couldn’t deal.

I called the bank this morning and it turns out that I was so fast in responding to Visa that the charge didn’t even go through, so I don’t have to worry about fighting to get the $90 put back in my account. It never went away! Which is good, because I actually had 96 cents in the bank.

Today has been much better. I slept in, had some really good coffee, then some really good breakfast and more coffee, and now I’m just sitting here with my friends, looking at my computer. My parents are going to make my car insurance payment since the money I have for it isn’t available right now, and I’ll pay them back this week.

I like today way better than yesterday.

You think?

Overweight women face some docs’ disrespect.

A mind-blowing study saying that some doctor’s are real assholes to overweight women. Being an MD does not make one instantly immune to douchebaggery and prejudice.

I’m tired of people attacking other people over their weight. Who gives a shit if someone has gained or lost 20 pounds? You wouldn’t make fun of someone for missing an arm, would you?

Well. Okay. Some people would but those people deserve to be beaten with said missing limb.

Most of the women I know (and a few of the men) are obsessed with their weight. They count calories. They have EDs. They place all of their worth in some numbers. I’m not immune to this either. I have put on some serious depression weight in the last year. I know my body well enough to know that it’s starting to cause some problems and I don’t want those problems, so I’m trying to work my health. Most of the time I am not concerned with how much weigh but rather with how I feel. Right now I feel sluggish, drained, and uncoordinated. So I’m working on it. Working on it = taking walks and visiting our tiny little gym next to the leasing office. That’s it. I should probably eat more because I don’t really eat enough.


That’s right. I’m fat and I don’t eat very much. It’s useful in moments when people are all “OMG FATTIES ARE FAT BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS EAT OMG OMG STOP EATING FATTIE!”

My point is, fatties have feelings too. You can’t assume a person is one way or the other based on how they look. Some people think Barack Obama looks like a terrorist. Them saying so causes a huge uproar. So why don’t more people make a huge uproar when people say fatties are only fat because they eat too much?

ETA: Maks from DWTS thinks his fellow dancers are cows who need to lose some weight already. Cheryl and Lacey are proof that some people aren’t meant to be stick-thin. They dance for a living. For hours a day. And they still don’t fit the “standard”. Girls should be ENCOURAGED by them, not discouraged like Maks says. I think they’ve both got slammin’ bods (especially Lacey) and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Once upon a time

I had things to say. In all honesty, I started a blog post the other night and the internets started being bitchy and I was really sick and I just couldn’t do it. IDK, it might be lurking around in my drafts somewhere but it’s not important. I don’t think. I don’t remember what I was talking about in that post anyway.

The past…oh…I don’t know…four years have been a little difficult. Each year they get a little more difficult, even though I know that’s not entirely true. But I think it’s safe to say that in our part of the world, 2008 had about two positive things happen in it (so far) and the rest of it can DIAF*. But the past few weeks, I’ve had more on my mind than usual, and for some reason, the past few days, I’ve had even MORE on my mind. Yesterday it was all about feeling alone and today it was all about feeling impoverished. I mean, it’s no wonder I felt that way tonight, what with the economy having a nervous breakdown at every turn.

Also, yesterday I read some of the comments on a recent blog entry at the McCain website yesterday and if you like McCain and want to vote for him, that is fine. But please scroll down until you see ELEPHANTS ARE NIFTY in bold.

A majority of the commenters were typing with their eyes closed. And their hands behind their backs. And…their feet…on fire. I know that it is common tactic call into question the integrity and character of one’s political opponent, as much as I hate that it is such. I do not harbor any illusions that this country is devoid of backward, racist ideologies. Which means I shouldn’t really be surprised at anything I’ve heard during this election (you’ll be happy to know that I’ve finally come around to Obama, mostly because of Biden, which surprised me more than it surprised you. Trust me.). But I am really sick of people calling Obama a Socialist. I WISH**. I’m really sick of them calling him a Communist. I’m really sick of them calling him a terrorist, of their supporters shouting “KILL HIM!” at rallies, of people playing guilt-by-association-when-it’s-convenient-for-them. And so on and so fucking forth. And to do it all while misspelling every other word, abusing grammar, and mostly displaying their ignorance and blatant refusal to do any research or IDK, figure things out on their own without someone else telling them what to think. My opinion of McCain has not changed because of Obama; it has changed because of what I have been reading and hearing for years. YEARS. I didn’t talk about it a lot here, but it took me a very, very, VERY long time to get to the point where I thought Obama was MY candidate. I don’t take to these types of decisions lightly. APPARENTLY THIS IS UNUSUAL.


My skin is very dry and I am going to put some lotion on it now, then fall into bed and get some sleep. It is after midnight here and as such, it is officially Friday but I wish it were Friday night so I could just look forward to sleeping in forever and ever. No such luck.

*die in a fire

Hi-ho, hi-ho

Things that are not amusing me this morning:

+ Being awake
+ Being in clothes that don’t have an elastic waistband
+ Being surrounded by people who just as stressed as me
+ My leaky coffee cup
+ My stupid shoes
+ The pain in my head/neck/shoulders
+ Publishers not sending desk copies quickly enough

I am currently eating frosted mini wheats and wondering how in the hell people eat just regular wheats, unfrosted and huge. I like the ones with the fruit in the middle though. Those are all right.

So for the past couple of weeks (I said “leaks” at first and idk why) I haven’t done a Friday Random. I mean, I know y’all are just dying to know what my iPod (now named Whurwulf) will randomly shuffle to, so I apologize for not keeping up with it.

Or keeping up with the blog.


Friday Random Ten on Monday:
1. Tiny Dancer – Dave Grohl (Craig Kilborn)
2. Stupid for You – Marie Digby
3. Tough to Have a Crush – Ok Go
4. Pulling Teeth – Green Day
5. Do You Know What I’m Seeing – Panic! At the Disco
6. Leave – Matchbox 20
7. She Says – Howie Day
8. Octupus’s Garden – The Beatles
9. Crazy Times – Jars of Clay
10. Today – Joshua Radin

Disappointed doesn’t cut it



I am beyond disappointed. I am so disgusted by you. Ugh. GTFO the internet and the TV, please.

Mid-life crisis at 30

First: Directv screwed up and shipped my empty box for the receiver to my OLD address, at which I no longer live, despite the young man I spoke two confirming with me SEVERAL TIMES that my work address should be used. The email I received from Directv with my shipping information said to call FedEx if there was a problem with the address, which I did. The woman told me to call Directv. I told her NO (politely), the email says to contact YOU. So she changed the address and informed me that I needed to call Directv to confirm the change. Chagrin. I did that and the young man I spoke with informed me that it was too late, they’d have to ship me ANOTHER box. “Let me transfer you.” And thus began the longest and most painful phone call of my life. Their computers weren’t working and the poor girl seemed pretty new to the job. So I waited and waited. Waited. Waited some more. Apparently I’ll be receiving this box in a few days. I highly doubt it though.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I’ve decided to switch careers. I am loathe to consider what I do a career but it is, I think, and I am really sick of it. To the point where it is taking all my will power to not give my notice RIGHT NOW. The question now is what will I do? I’m not really sure. I’m not sure what I want to do. I want to stay away from offices as much as possible. I know that by and large, that’s going to be a bit tough. But so long as I’m not stuck at a desk all day long being treated like a lowly servant girl, I think I’ll be all right. So at the moment, I’m kind of poking around in my head, seeing what I’d like to do and what I can do where I live. It’s kind of a scary thing but also pretty neat.

Thirdly, and DEFINITELY MORE IMPORTANTLY, the Half-Blood Prince trailer is released on AOL tonight at 9PM EASTERN TIME. Be there or be square. Unless you hate Harry Potter, in which case you can DIAF. I’m hoping for at least a small glimpse of Lupin and Tonks (notice how I am saying Lupin and Tonks and not Lupin/Tonks because we all know WB sucks just enough to chagrin all the R/T shippers in the world). After reading that blurb about how Sirius isn’t going to be in ANY OF THE MOVIES (yeah, yeah I KNOW. Wave goodbye to the most heart-wrenching part of the entire series. DIAF MOVIE MAKERS.), I’m really worried.


Isn’t that sweet?

We finally took Nelson Mandela off the terror list. WE ARE MADE OF WIN AND AWESOME.