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Internet, we need to have a talk

Can someone explain to me for the love of all that is holy and scared in this world why on earth I have 3,200 search hits for funny puppies? And why, if I add up all puppy and dog-related hits to this site, that number jumps to almost 10,000, which is a third of my total hits? I posted ONE CUTE PICTURE and now I’m like, the go-to blog for puppies.

Other interesting things I noticed while checking my stats: goddamn you people like to search for Chris Kirkpatrick and DMB lyrics. I mean, seriously.

And since there are so many people stopping by on a regular basis, why not stop and say hello?


A parody, for my own sake

Thursday, she left South Carolina. The next day she arrived in San Francisco, on her way to Nashville, Tennessee. She had many miles to go before she slept. Three hours later, she pulled up in front of her hotel in Nashville.


It has taken me nearly 20 minutes to get this page to load. I hate my DSL.

So at Christmas, my brother gave me a gift card to I blew it hard on some stuff for a project The BFF and I are working on, and also, I bought some fluff. A few weeks ago, I screen capped that fluff* and tonight, I made some things.

Also, I have some other screen caps to show you, of some stuff I’ve run across on teh interwebz the past few days but my connection is so dismal that I’m not even going to try.



Ceiling Justin, seen here in his less common Floaty Head form, strikes awe into an unsuspecting soul.


The unsuspecting soul calls upon Ceiling Justin for that which will make his life complete.


The unsuspecting soul in his natural habitat.

Now with real girls!

Thank god the Girls Gone Wild videos now come with REAL NAKED GIRLS because I was getting pretty tired of seeing FAKE NAKED NON-GIRLS.

Happiness is finding your all-time favorite piece of fanfic to read for old time’s sake (and to also celebrate Lance’s coming out). Thanks to Melissa, I watched some great Nsync-related YouTubeness this afternoon. Btw Melissa, the “surprise” link had us rolling around at the hotness of dreads and braces. I am not even kidding, that was the best surprise EVER.

I went swimming today.