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A little of this and a little of that

It has been almost 8 years since Matthew Shepard died from the injuries he received when he was beaten by two guys who claimed they were driven temporarily insane by Shepard’s sexual advances. When I realized this last night, I started crying. With all of the talk going on lately concerning Foley and his sexuality and his predatory nature, remembering Matthew made me sad because not a whole lot has changed since he died. He deserved better and gays, lesbians, and transgendered people deserve better today. The controversy with Foley has led to the Right’s “reinforcement” that all homosexuals are child predators, which is so unbelievably false it makes my teeth ache. Not all child predators are homosexuals and not all homosexuals are child predators. Civil rights should cover everyone – black, white, brown, yellow, gay, straight, bi, male, female, adult, child.

And now onto something completely and utterly different: Dita Von Teese. Given the “enlightenment” of this weekend (of which Kevin has full knowledge of and is hereby sworn to absolute secrecy on penalty of extreme pain next month), I’ve been scouting out things of interest and Dita Von Teese has long been a thing of interest to me. Not because I have jumped ship and gone lesbian but because, okay, first of all, she’s hot. Second of all, I have always loved pinups. Third of all, well…um, she’s hot.


Can I just say that it’s freaking hard to find a picture of her where she’s fully clothed not flashing her boobs? I mean, not that that’s a problem for me. Boobs are nice. I have boobs. I’m used to them. But I’d like to keep this blog semi-family-friendly and so no Dita Von Teese boobs for you!

So there you have it. Also, this blog will be moving to its own domain soon. I know! A domain! A beautiful, sparkly domain!