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Wo kommen Sie her?

So I went a-Googlin’ for some German phrases because the Shire of Germany needs to be able to angry spout things in German at random. It doesn’t matter if those phrases include things like “IS THIS YOUR FIRST VISIT TO THE UNITED STATES?” and “MY MOTHER DIED LAST YEAR!!!!!” I just needed some phrases. At any rate, I got sucked into a vortex of German and have now decided it will be worth my while to invest in some German language learning…stuff. My brain has recognized a lot of these phrases and even remembers most of the pronunciations!

Woe on anyone within earshot.

Okay but really, I blame the German faculty in my department. One of them just had a baby and she brought this wee little week-old bundle into the office yesterday. This German baby was so tiny and snuffly. The other German faculty member happened to stop by and I watched (and seethed with jealousy) as they stood there shhhshhing with the baby in this beautifully quiet, sweet German.

Of course, thanks to Dylan Moran, when people speak German now, my brain is saying, “Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler.”


Here’s some Friday Random 10 for you.

1. The Long Way Home – 764-HERO [I love this song]
2. Girlfriend – Mollys Yes
3. Wasted – Mazzy Star
4. Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots [omg AJ, remember being in the lobby at the Carmike with R & K when we went to see this???]
5. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
6. Fidelity – Regina Spektor
7. Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde – Travis Tritt [lulz]
8. Seeing Things – The Black Crowes
9. Meant to Be – Denison Witmer
10. Dry Clothes – Annuals


Pinch doses of laudanum

Legionnaire’s Lament by the Decemberists has become one of my current favorite songs. For reasons I cannot explain, the song makes me want to visit Paris. I’m not often struck by urges to visit Paris, or France in general (though the WWII enthusiast [omg word choice] in me would like to see the countryside).

Let’s go, shall we?

And don’t forget, there shall be drinking at the pilsner lighthouse outside Copenhagen, so dress appropriately for a trip to Denmark (and Sweden. OTP <3.).

Last night I decided to make my new MySpace just cracked out enough to scare off my half-friends. I figure slapping a graphic of Jim Gordon/Sirius Black = a love so pure on my profile will win me the ire of many. The question is will they hate it because it’s gay or will they hate it because it’s incestuous and also quite impossible for Jim/Sirius to be OTP?

The shirt I’m wearing has the most beautiful dark purple beads sewn on. They’re kind of mesmerizing. Oh. There’s dark green and dark blue, too. They’re v. dark but also kind of metallic.

Did I mention that Ray LaMontagne is coming to town in October? The Black Keys are coming in November. I <3 them. Someone tried to take down the sign that’s hanging on the bulletin board downstairs and I was like NO WAY and hung it back up. You don’t diss the Black Keys okay? Okay. If you do, I’ll pencil trick your ass.

A Friday random, you ask? Well, all right.

1. The Luckiest – Ben Folds (brb sobbing)
2. More Than a Feeling – Nsync (whut)
3. Love Song – 311
4. Come On Over – Christina Aguilera
5. Goin’ Nowhere – Chris Isaak
6. Gravedigger – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Boone, NC (these tracks got renamed somehow, so it shows as being Crash Into Me)
7. Desire – The Raconteurs
8. I Will Buy You a New Life – Everclear
9. Please Don’t Go Girl – New Kids on the Block
10. Blue Water [partial] – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Boone, NC (listed as Lie In Our Graves)

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Friday is my favorite day

1. Val Kilmer is 59? Seriously? IDK. I don’t like him.

2. This is hilarious shit.

3. This morning on the way to work, Spunk Ransom hated me and proved it by playing a lot of depressing music.

4. The crazy guy drove the bus this morning and crazy guy cannot drive. I fear for my life when I’m on the bus with him.

5. I went to bed at 1am and still couldn’t get up this morning.

6. If anyone is interested, there will be a new teaser (? might be an actual one?) trailer for Half Blood Prince on Tuesday.

7. I have watched 4 episodes of The Office now. It is already owning my life.

8. I’m only halfway through the first season of House.

9. I really need to start watching Doctah Who.

10. Time for your Friday random.

1. Spend It With You – The O.C. Supertones
2. Come Down – Bush
3. Pictures of Me – Elliott Smith
4. My Favorite Girl – New Kids on the Block
5. Three Small Words – Josie and the Pussycats
6. The Last Sunset – Glen Phillips
7. When Susannah Cries- Espen Lind
8. To Love Somebody – Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice
9. One Love – Bob Marley
10. Sweet Surrender – Sarah McLachlin

11. Comic Con was insane yesterday and I’m even more convinced that a) KStew and RPattz are screwing, and b) RPattz is a hobo.