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You know you should be glad

A few weeks ago, I stopped washing my hair. With shampoo. I now wash my hair with baking soda but I still use regular conditioner on it. I cannot begin to say what a radical difference is has made on my hair. It seems to act more like actual hair, which is nice. The period of adjustment was kind of iffy and it’s a bit time consuming, but you also don’t have to do it as often. Last night, however, I left it in a little too long because I was shaving my legs and today, my hair is a bit on the dry side. IDC. I have better bedhead these days and looking like a sex kitten is like, my only goal in life, so I’m more or less set.

I finished The Late Hector Kipling yesterday and I don’t know about you guys but it always takes me a few days to recover from finishing a good book. I’m trying to pull my thoughts together into some sort of coherent…something. I’m not sure why; it’d just be me rambling on and on about a book.

Yawn. I’m so sleepy this morning.

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Pinch doses of laudanum

Legionnaire’s Lament by the Decemberists has become one of my current favorite songs. For reasons I cannot explain, the song makes me want to visit Paris. I’m not often struck by urges to visit Paris, or France in general (though the WWII enthusiast [omg word choice] in me would like to see the countryside).

Let’s go, shall we?

And don’t forget, there shall be drinking at the pilsner lighthouse outside Copenhagen, so dress appropriately for a trip to Denmark (and Sweden. OTP <3.).

Last night I decided to make my new MySpace just cracked out enough to scare off my half-friends. I figure slapping a graphic of Jim Gordon/Sirius Black = a love so pure on my profile will win me the ire of many. The question is will they hate it because it’s gay or will they hate it because it’s incestuous and also quite impossible for Jim/Sirius to be OTP?

The shirt I’m wearing has the most beautiful dark purple beads sewn on. They’re kind of mesmerizing. Oh. There’s dark green and dark blue, too. They’re v. dark but also kind of metallic.

Did I mention that Ray LaMontagne is coming to town in October? The Black Keys are coming in November. I <3 them. Someone tried to take down the sign that’s hanging on the bulletin board downstairs and I was like NO WAY and hung it back up. You don’t diss the Black Keys okay? Okay. If you do, I’ll pencil trick your ass.

A Friday random, you ask? Well, all right.

1. The Luckiest – Ben Folds (brb sobbing)
2. More Than a Feeling – Nsync (whut)
3. Love Song – 311
4. Come On Over – Christina Aguilera
5. Goin’ Nowhere – Chris Isaak
6. Gravedigger – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Boone, NC (these tracks got renamed somehow, so it shows as being Crash Into Me)
7. Desire – The Raconteurs
8. I Will Buy You a New Life – Everclear
9. Please Don’t Go Girl – New Kids on the Block
10. Blue Water [partial] – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Boone, NC (listed as Lie In Our Graves)

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BRB visiting pilsner lighthouse

No. Really. There’s a lighthouse shaped like a bottle of pilsner outside Copenhagen. My Swedish BFF told us about it. And showed us a picture. She also showed us the bridge over the water that cruelly and unfairly separates the Swedes and the Danes. Apparently they love each other a lot. It’s a lovefest. So I’m going to move to Sweden and then drive half an hour to visit the Danes and have a drink at their pilsner lighthouse. I even know how to say ‘hello’ in Danish now! Dav! I hope you are well.

I rescued a 115-year-old book from the basement this morning. It’s a book but it also has a lot of room for notes and someone has written a few things in the most beautiful script. I will try to take some pictures. A lot is in German though and even though I am German, I don’t speak or read it.

I’m thinking of seeing X-Files and TDK on the same day. IDK if I can handle that much epic. But I will try.

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A full morning

1. Christian Bale was arrested this morning following a complaint from his mom and sister about some sort of domestic violence assault…something or other. Y SO SRS, CHRISTIAN BALE? OMG. Discuss this amongst yourselves or in the comments. Sadly, CB remains low on my list of reasons to watch TDK. Reason #1? CRAZY GARY OLDMAN. Okay? Okay.

2. Someone came to my blog by searching “tickling Justin Timberlake”. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased this makes me.

3. I keep getting interrupted. So I should wrap this up.

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Conform or be cast out


I did not mention this last week but it is very important.


I know! I was excited, too. I squee’d around in the living room and went all fangirly every time Neil opened his mouth. And when Geddy talked. And when Alex just sat there looking nervous. OMG. And Neil’s drums. And they played Tom Sawyer, which is like, the only Rush song anyone knows, I think. It was the first song I ever heard because when my brother got into them, the first album he bought was Moving Pictures, which remains one of my favorite Rush albums (if not my favorite but 2112 is just so good), and I remember how he sat me down on his bed, popped in the tape, and excitedly told me to LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT NOW*. I thought it was ~okay~ but nothing to write home about. I mean, who wants to listen to a bunch of smelly old men when you could be listening to En Vogue**, amirite? But then he kept making me listen to them and then I started listening to more and more rock music and I became a Led Zeppelin slut and then I realized I liked Rush. In June 1997, Broseph took AJ and I to KC to see Rush. THAT WAS A FUN DAY. And then I saw them in 2004. But that has really been it. And then they were on TCR. Their first American television appearance in 30 years. Die with me, readers. Die with me.

So someone keyed my effing car at some point in the last week. AREN’T YOU ANGRY? I am angry. IDK how you go about fixing that shit either. Ugh. They didn’t even key something creative like “bitch” or “whore”. They just keyed some initials or something. Of course, knowing my luck, it’s a gang thing and I’ll get shanked next time I go out to my car. I will take pictures and show you all later. So that means that I have initials on a door and a smudgy/scratchy handprint on my hood. WTF. I suspect the neighborhood children who ride their bicycles through the parking lot as fast as they can with little or no regard to the giant metal machines moving around.

I’m starving. I’m going to have some raisins or something. How was your weekend, internets?

* IDEK what he actually said, so I made that up.
** It took me awhile to stop having really shitty taste in music ok.

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It’s nice to see you, internets. You’re looking rather good today. Have you been up in the gym just working on your fitness? So I just finished a nice long bout of staring down at my keyboard while concentrating on keeping my eyes in the OPEN position. I forgot my jewelry this morning, so I feel a bit naked.


This has nothing to do with it. Okay. I want to see The Dark Knight while it’s in the theatres. I’d totally splurge this weekend if I thought we could see it without half the population of the world present. It’s one of those movies I need to see while it is in theatres (I love movies, tbh, and am chagrined that they cost so much). Another movie I need to see while it is in theatres as in the night it comes out? X-FILES. I will not lie to you. I am about 89 years late to the X-Files party. I’ve seen the first episode of the show and the first movie. Aside from random bits and pieces here and there, that’s all I’ve seen.


But I love it. So I really need to see this movie. I blame this fascination ENTIRELY on Chelle and The BFF.

In other movie news, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas has a release date in November for the U.S. Chagrin. You know this movie won’t be any theatres around here, especially since I think it’s just doing the art house-type showings. Urgh. But November is a long way off, so I will have sufficient time to prepare myself for David Thewlis as Nazi. WTF. Way to confuse me, DT. IDK if I should punch you in the face or what.

Oy. Random. I am so sleepy right now. Here are some random songs that Spunk Ransom picked out for you guys this morning.

1. Morning After (live) – Howie Day
2. When the Lights Go Out – Five
3. Cheatin’ – Gin Blossoms
4. Alone – Ben Harper
5. You Won’t Be Mine – Matchbox 20
6. Mad Season – Matchbox 20
7. Our World Fades Away (live) – Collective Soul
8. Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer
9. No More No Less (live, original version) – Collective Soul
10. Dream for Me – Moss Eisley

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Spam spam spam


Taken from this article, as is what is pasted below, which I actually got from Thewlis Rox.


“I’d be out in town in character, which Mike would often send you off to do, you’d spend four hours wandering around London on your own, not as yourself at all, doing things you would not normally do, causing scenes you would not normally cause, being braver than your natural self, standing in the street and shouting like a maniac but getting away with it because you don’t have your inhibitions ‘cos you’re going, ‘It’s not me.’

“And you’re spending more of your waking hours as this character than as yourself, so it becomes quite overwhelming. I’d have a Hare Krishna come up to me wanting to have a word, and whereas I’d normally be, ‘I haven’t got the time mate,’ when I was him I was like, ‘Yeah come on, let’s have a fucking word! I’ll have a very big word wiv ya! Do you wanna go for a coffee? How long have you got?’ And people handing out leaflets, I’d talk to every one of them, I’d talk to down-and-outs, I’d talk to policemen, anyone who wanted to fucking talk, I’d talk to them.”

“Not so much afterwards…well, maybe in the long term it did make me a little more confident, because once you’ve stood in the middle of the street and shouted, you do lose certain inhibitions I guess. And there’s still a bookshop in Marylebone High Street in London I can’t ever go into. I think I fucking wrecked it, I flipped out in there, I cleared the shelves.”


This movie is available on YouTube and I’ve “watched” part of it (the sound was down because wow, his improvisation of this character includes a lot of swearing, which is fine, but I was on my lunch break, in a common area, and didn’t want to scare people away.). It’s called Naked. I want to actually WATCH it because I love his crazy messed up terrifying character. Even though I can’t understand half of what he says.

“Yeah, that’s another thing that was fucking confusing me. Not to denigrate Fairuza, but it was not a good idea at that time, it just added to the chaos. ‘That’s all going off over there – why don’t me and you start fuckin’ and really get this thing inflamed!’ (laughs) It really was like that. And in the middle of it I went horse riding with Fairuza one day and I broke my leg. So here I was in the middle of it, just thinking, ‘I am having a breakdown, this has all gone horribly wrong.’”


Okay yeah. I really don’t have anything to say other than that.


So I feel better than I have all week.

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You guise

I had a nightmare. I was driving somewhere and there was a big commotion up ahead, so I had to stop. I was driving a convertible. IDK. And then this guy was walking down the road, shooting a gun at random people. And then he pointed his gun at me and said, “Take this and shoot me.” And he shoved the gun in my hands and I refused to shoot him, so he pulled me out of the car. But somehow I managed to talk him down and we were sitting on the ground, talking about how he was going to be okay and he smelled really awful (I can still smell it) and he was all sweaty and granite-like (though not in an Edward Cullen way) and I gave him a hug anyway. Then he asked me to please smile for him, so I did. Then he asked me to look the other way and smile again, so I did. Then he grabbed me, pinned me down, pulled out a rusty knife, and said he was going to peel the skin off my face and pour maggots on it.


This is not a lie.

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