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Can’t stop

Earlier tonight I noticed a place inside my mouth, you know, like I bit it really hard or something before? Well, I just realized I’ve been gnawing the hell out of that spot for the last few hours. It’s bleeding now. Oops.

Last night I dreamed I got this amazing loan that allowed me to sell my car, pay off the difference, and pay off my other debt and late bills. Oh dreams, why must you tease me so?

I also dreamed that I went home for a weekend and did laundry. So basically I dreamed about fixing about 60% of the things bothering me right now. AMAAAAZING.

But you know, it wasn’t a horrible weekend. Aside from the good dreams that became nightmares when I woke up, I got to watch all of Band of Brothers this weekend because it was on the History Channel. I love that show. I watch it whenever I notice that it’s on. Then I spend a few days or weeks obsessing over it. And then I go back to normalcy until it’s on again and the whole things starts all over. After you watch it the first few times, I think you earn a license to spend 85% of each successive viewing ogling the eye candy BAMFness that is Winters and Nixon (and Spiers). Amirite or amirite?

Also, I’m a little tired of some things. I just kind of want to wash my hands of…everything. Boy oh boy. I don’t know.

Putin crab approves of this post.


Rip van Winkle

So last week, toward the end of the week, I didn’t get much sleep and I also got sick at the same time. Friday night, I don’t remember when I went to sleep but at some point in the night, I did some sleepwalking. I vaguely remember being in the bathroom, at the sink, with one contact in and desperately trying to get the other contact out of the case. I couldn’t find it and it was way too much work to LOOK for it, so I just dumped out the saline solution and went back to bed with the thought, “I CAN SEE JUST FINE WITH ONE CONTACT IN!”


I woke up at 10am and realized that it hadn’t been a dream because oh…there’s that contact in my eye. Then I found my other contact shriveled up in my contact case. ARGH. I’m poor and have like, one contact left, so I really couldn’t afford to ruin one. So I put some saline in the case, took out my other contact, and hoped the dried up one would get better. Then I went back to sleep for two hours. When I woke up my contact was fine.

Then last night I went to bed at 3am and woke up at noon today. Then I took a nap at 3 for two hours. And I’m still tired. SLEEP: I DON’T GET ENOUGH. But see, during the week, I sleep only a few hours a night so..yeah. The bad thing is, I don’t get anything done on the weekends because I’m catching up on sleep. So…all that homework I planned to get done? Yeah. Didn’t get done.

Also, my professor thinks the plot of my story isn’t possible. Funny, since it’s science fiction.


Holy chagrin, Batman!

Last night, I dreamed about this guy:

Not Gary Oldman. Jim Gordon. He had a gun. But I don’t remember what happened. The dream came while I was passing out to the Notorious C.H.O. on The BFF’s laptop. I woke up at one point feeling warm and fuzzy and safe because Commissioner Gordon was keeping a watchful eye on us. It’s a good thing he did because for the first time in weeks, The Doctor was absent from my dreams!

In other news, the premier of Gossip Girl was *yawn* except for Chuck/Blair. They are the only interesting storyline on the show. I watched 90210 last night. It was an hour too long for a series premier and was definitely the first episode. I’m hoping they can improve the show but at the moment, the only storylines I’m interested in are the ones involving, you know, KELLY AND BRENDA. Mr. Matthews is a hottie, so I don’t blame them for getting catty over him.

I just remembered my super awesome alternate-HP dream. I’m telling someone about it now but basically, it’s just the HP series with loads more angst and danger and a lot earlier than is in the original series. It definitely has more Weasleys.

Fay Fay Fay

It’s raining. A lot.

So watching Doctor Who before bed tends to cause some pretty hilarious dreams. The night before last, I had an elaborate Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover dream. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything but Dumbledore and The Doctor flying through the air trying to catch the TARDIS. Though to be fair, that visual is pretty entertaining. Last night I don’t really know what I was dreaming about but (I’m sure it was better than this?) all of a sudden, there was David Tennant in his pinstripes and his trainers and his brainy specs. There was this blinding light pouring in the windows and he affixed a cell phone to the window, put his hands in his pockets, and said, “We’ll just let that absorb the radiation for a bit!” And then he went skipping down the steps all Doctor-like. LOVE.

Last night when I got home from work, I called the 5-0. My car has been keyed a couple of times and the apartment complex likes to keep track of these things, so I made an official report. The cop was very nice and very hot and told me everything I already knew: there’s probably nothing they can do and my deductible probably won’t cover the repairs. Well fine. But I feel less like throttling the children in my complex, so I guess that’s a plus.

If you have children, please teach them the value of personal property.


I was going to use that space up there to talk about David Thewlis but then I realized a) I have nothing to say and b) …IDK.

HAVE YOU SEEN GARY OLDMAN PLAYING FOOTIE YET? Have I posted that? I can’t remember.

Here’s the actual promo spot:

And some outtakes:

I just found something Thewlisy to share with you. The trailer to Cheeky, the movie he wrote. I want to see it very badly but it’s hard to find. IT LOOKS FUNNY AND SAD. MY FAVORITE COMBINATION.

You guise

I had a nightmare. I was driving somewhere and there was a big commotion up ahead, so I had to stop. I was driving a convertible. IDK. And then this guy was walking down the road, shooting a gun at random people. And then he pointed his gun at me and said, “Take this and shoot me.” And he shoved the gun in my hands and I refused to shoot him, so he pulled me out of the car. But somehow I managed to talk him down and we were sitting on the ground, talking about how he was going to be okay and he smelled really awful (I can still smell it) and he was all sweaty and granite-like (though not in an Edward Cullen way) and I gave him a hug anyway. Then he asked me to please smile for him, so I did. Then he asked me to look the other way and smile again, so I did. Then he grabbed me, pinned me down, pulled out a rusty knife, and said he was going to peel the skin off my face and pour maggots on it.


This is not a lie.

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I had two very, very bad dreams last night. One of them set off what I can only assume was a very mild panic attack. I had to get out of bed and walk around a bit, drink some water, and then repeat, “It isn’t real, it isn’t real, it isn’t real” over and over to myself until I fell back to sleep. The other one I had just before I woke up. I knew my parents were going to die, they knew they were going to die, and we couldn’t do anything about it. I woke up before they did, which is fortunate I suppose. But never in my life have I had a night of sleep that made me sit on the couch for half an hour fighting the urge to pour myself a big drink and just…get lost in oblivion. Still fighting it, tbh. I’m trying to find something to watch to take my mind off things.

Does that make me crazy?

This morning I had a very Lost in Translation-esque dream. I was in Paris/Amsterdam (don’t ask me how they managed to be the same place at the same time) alone. I didn’t speak any French or Dutch and I was near the Eiffel Tower, which was surrounded by the most exotic and colorful garden I’ve ever seen, and I was walking along this breezeway and OMFG, I passed David Thewlis, at which point Paris/Amsterdam became Rome. I DO NOT KNOW. So I was kind of silently freaking out because OMG David Thewlis lives here, which means Ann Friel does too and OMG. Then this man and woman, who supposedly I kind of knew (? idk), came up while I was sitting there watching David and Anna and Gracie eating lunch at this posh bistro, and they were all LET’S EAT HERE, SHALL WE? And I was like, NO I CANNOT EAT IN FRONT OF THEM ARE YOU KIDDING??? But we went there anyway and we didn’t eat. We just drank a lot of wine and then we watched The O.C.

No lie.

David Thewlis and Anna Friel totally watched The O.C. with me in my dream. I KNOW YOU’RE JEALOUS OF ME RIGHT NOW.

So yesterday I found out the seat locations for our DMB show in a few weeks. We’re sitting in the same general area we always sit in. Which isn’t bad! And I’m glad to be going! Just someday, I’d like to be one of those lucky bastards who gets confirmed for the 2nd row or something.

I watched a show about Hitler last night. I love having History Channel International again. It’s like, my favorite channel ever.

I brought the laptop to work with me today so I can do things on my lunchbreak (AKA HANG OUT IN THE BURROWS) and I’m kind of thrilled because that means I have Order of the Phoenix at my immediate disposal. Can you say Sirius and Remus cuddling at the table? Sure, I knew you could!

Here, watch Gary Oldman and David Thewlis be all hot for each other in this interview. David Thewlis is a deer. GARY OLDMAN SAID SO.

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What the Hale

I am wearing a dress, y’all. This happens about once every twenty years. I’m wearing it because the idea of a waistband made me really sad this morning. I don’t feel well at all, don’t have coffee, and am wearing a dress. You can totally see how this is a Monday, right? On the plus side, I haven’t shaved my legs in a few weeks, so I have guaranteed that I won’t be bothered by anyone the entire day.

I keep having dreams about hanging out with AJ. Prophetic? We are always in our hometown and I am always waiting for her. I don’t know why, since she lives about two blocks from every point in that town, and last night, I was trying to get in touch with her to tell her I was going somewhere else because someone was pissing me off at the first place I went. But then she wouldn’t answer her phone and I was getting frustrated because my chai latte was getting cold and people were being themselves and I just wanted to see AJ. This is the third or fourth dream like this that I’ve had in the past month. What the Hale?! I need to get my ass home and see AJ for reals!

I have decided that The BFF and I desperately need a vacation. We need to go somewhere and just completely let go and relax. We have a short list of possibilities and while I OF COURSE am leaning in one direction, they ALL sound lovely. New England or Florida. LIFE WOULD BE AWESOME. We have connections everywhere, so it’s like win-win no matter what. I can get discounts in Orlando through work; WHAT THE HALE? I don’t even live in Florida! IDK, it’s kind of redonk. Sadly, some of my secondary goals for the vacation spots are to check out the local graduate schools. WTF. When did I become so old and stodgy?

Twimoms got their tatas signed by RPATTZ last night, so it’s kind of a dark day.

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About a boy

I slept fitfully (though soundly) last night. I was worried about The BFF, who was not sleeping (I suspect Nargles), and also I kept having Harry Potter dreams (I WONDER WHY. BTW, I KIND OF HAVE A THING FOR TOM FELTON NOW WTF.). AND I kept dreaming about a boy. THE Boy. The one who makes me tingle all the way down to the tips of my tootsies. The only bad thing is that I don’t quite remember any of the dreams. Again, I suspect Nargles.

OH! I did dream that our seat locations were up at Warehouse BUT I COULDN’T GET THE PAGE TO LOAD. Even in my dreams, the internets cockblocks me.

I feel pretty lousy today, thanks to this female affliction I be having, which started at 3am. THREE IN THE MORNING. WHAT. I don’t get it either. Apparently my body just hates me a lot. I have to clean the kitchen today and I’m determined to get all those clothes in my room bagged up for disposal at the local thrift store.

Last night was the first night of the DMB tour! It was in Burgettstown, which is basically Pittsburgh, and they’re back again tonight, so I’m really hoping their presence is a good luck charm for the Pens! What a crazy place to be tonight. A DMB show and a Stanley Cup game. I think my head would explode. Last night’s setlist was a little strange, with very few old songs, and I’m sorry, but I would’ve been hella disappointed if that had been my encore. I am in the minority of people who is not dying of happiness that Tim Reynolds is touring with them this summer. I mean, I think he’s an excellent musician who brings a lot to the stage and it’ll be cool to see someone so legendary, but if they’re going to have weird ass closers this summer just because they can, I’m going to punch myself in the face. That said, #27 and Cornbread survived from last summer, which is awesome because the three (right?) new songs played summer (those two plus Eh Hee) are freaking amazing. I don’t understand people who don’t like #27, not even a little. I think it does a good job of embodying that disgust you feel for yourself when you are crazy in love with someone. I think it’s probably one of the sexiest and most romantic songs I’ve ever heard. And don’t even get me started on Cornbread. Hillary knows what I’m talking about.

Okay, now that I’ve rambled like a lot about DMB, I’m going to check up on the seat locations and maybe think about cleaning the kitchen. After I see what’s on television.

GO PENS!!!!!!

Pretty baby

This between bizarre alarm happenings (somehow between setting my clock radio last night and it going off this morning, it completely switched stations), I had a crazy dream! About Dave Matthews. Well, Dave Matthews Band but I only saw Dave in the dream, so really it was only about him. Anycrap, we (me, The BFF, some other people [perhaps J & C?]) were at a DMB show in Sacramento. We had to get in line because we had Warehouse tickets; we were being let in early* or something, so we were standing in line. I got there after everyone for some reason and as I walked up, my friends were discussing something in shocked tones.

The BFF: Why would you DO that?
J?: He looked pissed.
C?: You have to be pretty stupid to make Dave that mad.

As it turned out, this woman just nonchalantly walked up to Dave’s motor home (not kidding!) and knocked on the door, expecting him to just come outside and chill with all the fans. Dave kind of flipped out and started yelling at her and she was escorted away by Mounties. IDK.

So we’re all standing around wondering why this woman would go disturb Dave, who was trying to spend time with Ashley and the kids in their shitty motor home before the show, when she starts walking toward it again! A few people notice and try to head her off at the pass, but she starts fighting with the Mounties and the next thing I know, they’re beating the crap out of her, right in front of us. Everyone around us is just laughing hysterically; The BFF and I are telling them to stop laughing because it isn’t funny and J? and C? are trying to diffuse the situation. Then I woke up.


Friday Randomosity, brought to you by iChip:
1. Wonderwall/Disco (live) – Howie Day
2. Closer to the Heart – Rush
3. This Year’s Love – David Gray
4. Caveman – The Hereafter
5. In My Time of Dying – Led Zeppelin
6. Sleep – God Speed! You Black Emperor
7. I’ll Do Anything – Jason Mraz
8. Tell Me the Truth – Mollys Yes
9. Magic Window – Boards of Canada
10. Closing Time – Semisonic

*Kind of like in Atlanta last year when we were guaranteed to be let in an hour before anyone else and instead they let everyone in AT ONCE. Massive fail on the part of the venue.

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