But who are you?

Ah, the About Me page, the A/S/L of blogging. Only here, I can talk about myself all I want and you can’t do a thing to stop me. Except surf away from the page, but that is technically not stopping me since by the time you read the About Me section, it will be finished and I will not be actively typing it. The only way you could stop me from talking about myself would be to like, come over right now as I’m typing and chop off my head or something, which I sincerely hope you don’t do because I like it when my head is attached to my body.

A: In my thirties. Assume that I am an awesome number starting with thirty and ending with another number that may or may not be even.

S: Cisgender female.

L: The Bear Flag Republic.

Things I care about: politics, fat and body acceptance, women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, Africa, anthropology, social justice, pacifism, activism.

Things I love: fall afternoons, summer afternoon rain storms in North Carolina, fall/winter storms in northern California, a roaring fire in the fireplace where it belongs, snow, mountains, the ocean, knitting, writing, history, World War II, memoirs, red wine, beer, vodka, whisky, cardigans, pajama pants, hot showers, candles, puppies, elephants, incense, decorative dishes/bowls/plates/vases, live shows, documentaries, Disney channel, coffee, bagels, Mario Kart, road trips, Virginia, college sports, pizza, insipid romantic comedies on ABC Family, San Francisco.

Anything else you’d like know? Leave a comment and I’ll add it.


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