Upon my last work-free weekend

So you know how I posted a link to those red velvet cheesecake brownies? Guess who came home yesterday with red velvet cupcakes? TWELVE. I ate mine last night. IT WAS SO GOOD OMFG. Like, it was so sweet and sugary and exactly what I needed in my liiiiiiiiiiife.

I’m looking forward to my first day of work. Looking forward to and also VERY TERRIFIED THAT I WILL BE HORRIBLE AT MY JOB. I feel like this every time I start a new job. Deep breath. It’ll be okay, Sparkle Pants. Every Sunday evening for the past few months, I’ve looked wistfully out the window as people move around, wishing I was like them and mentally preparing for the next morning. AND NOW I AM AMONG THEM. It’s a very good feeling.

Apparently later we’re going to the antique fair(e?) and that will be fun because that ish is magically delicious.

I want to eat The BFF’s leftover nachos from their date last night. But I’m going to be good and not do that.


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