Much too young to feel this damn old

“It’s infected! If this was a human being, I’d shoot it in the face.” -Roy, “The I.T. Crowd”


So on Monday, we thought it’d be a great idea to do lots of Wii Fit and then go for a bike ride. Internet, I’ve not ridden a bike since my youth. I don’t remember the last time but I was probably 12 or so, and I was on my brother’s blue and yellow Huffy. I might have been a little older than 12. I stopped using it when I outgrew it and since I grew up on a farm with unpaved roads, there was no reason (and I had no desire) to get a grown up bicycle.

All of that to say that I rode a bike with like, gears. LOTS OF THEM. It was more fun than I remembered (and it was all started by reading Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen, who is fabulous), and we rode to the park down the street. It was a very short ride but just long enough for me. It was also my first exposure to riding on pavement, riding over speed bumps, and riding with cars on the road. I didn’t fall down once and I felt GREAT. My ass hurt right away but man, my brain was so stoked that I didn’t care.

And then like, three hours later, when I was at home and showered and in comfortable clothes, my body was like “fuck the hell out of you.”

IT IS STILL PISSED AT ME. This morning I had a lot of nervous energy and went on another Wii Fit spree. I got a little too enthusiastic about everything (advanced step and advanced boxing and also the arm-flappy bird thing and downward facing dog ohhh god) and now I can barely keep my upper body aloft. My ass hurts from the bicycle ride on Monday and I’m just like…too young to feel this way.


I look forward to more bike riding. But for right now, I’m looking forward to getting some sleep. Because damn.


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