I promise nothing

The past few days have been weird. Weird because our phones got shut off, so we’re in this weird disconnected-but-connected limbo. A miscommunication made us an hour and a half late for a small birthday/pie-eating gathering, and another miscommunication sent my jury summons to an address I haven’t lived or been registered at for five years. The mood was strange at the gathering and the mood was strange when we got home, and then The BFF got sick and we had to pay a visit to the country pharmacy, which was as unpleasant as it sounds but we got the inhaler we needed, so it was worth it. I think. I hope? It amazes me that we are able to access this and it makes me sad that not everyone has the “luxury” of an hour-long wait in a crowded, poorly lit room with people in various states of mental and physical illness. I made chili for dinner last night (Friday) and it was really good. Better today.

It’s raining right now. It has given me a headache of spectacular proportions.

I’m addicted to playing UNO on Facebook.

I got passed up for another job this week, a job for which I was qualified. A job for which I thought I would be a good fit.

For most of the day, and part of last night, I had a thought solidly in my head and attached to that thought was “I need to write a blog post about this!” and of course, I’m unable to remember what exactly it is. It didn’t have anything to do with Egypt, but while we’re on the subject, I really wish we got Al-Jazeera here. On our cable. Or something. I’ve been watching it online and it’s just refreshing to hear about places that aren’t, you know, the U.S.

I really do have deeper thoughts on Egypt that don’t involve AJE but it’s hard to put them into words. My thoughts and spirit are with the people of Egypt as they fight to be heard. I wish them luck, safety, and peace.

I’m sleepy now, internets. I think I’m going to put down my computer.

Or play some more UNO.


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