And lo, my stomach rumbled

Y’all, I am hungry. Could you send me something to eat? My new bank card hasn’t shown up yet, so I can’t even go get something to remedy this gnawing in my belly. WHAT SHALL I DO? Probably start nibbling on my own foot before daybreak.

So tonight I felt more like a real-life adult than I have in a long time. We have been at Twelve’s house since Friday night (I’m waiting for the morning I wake up and he is waiting at the open front door with a smile on his face), and tonight he spirited away my BFF so he could fill in for someone on a bowling league. I settled myself on the couch, put on some good music, and knitted my little heart out. I FELT SO AWESOME AND INDEPENDENT. Which is sad when you’re in your thirties. This is what living with Roommate has done for my psyche.

No but seriously, I really do need something to eat. That handful of walnuts and that sweet potato I had at 1pm just ain’t cuttin’ it.


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