Hello, Infrequent Blogger

Okay. Here’s what you need to know about my life at the moment. I got the flu or something the day before I left to go home for Christmas. Have I mentioned that yet? I managed to make all my flights WITHOUT PUKING. Epic win on my part.

So that happened. And then I was home for 10 glorious days and I got to see only people I loved a lot (okay, I saw a few people I’m only kind of ‘meh’ about and no, I’m not talking about you, AJ). I went stargazing with my brother on Christmas Eve and I got to ride in a limo and I went to Texas Road House for the first time and all of this is on my Facebook, so GO LOOK AT THE PICTURES, IF YOU’D LIKE.

Right now RIGHT NOW I am sick again with a cold. I can’t breathe and my head’s all clogged up and it’s like completely humid here. It rained on Saturday night/early Sunday morning and the ground still looks like it rained an hour ago. THAT’S HOW HUMID IT IS.

All right. For your troubles, here’s Jon Stewart being adorable with his adorable son.


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