Yes, I’m still alive

I was talking to my good friend JB today and we got on the topic of blogs and I was all, LOL I SHOULD UPDATE MINE, HUH? And he admitted he still checks in every few days. So now I feel guilty for ignoring my VAST readership.

Truth be told, this has been the year from hell. It has actually been more than a year. Things got really bad and then they got slightly better and I got kind of sucked in Livejournal world because it was the easiest and safest way for me to cope with everything. I mean, I could’ve started doing drugs or drinking heavily or screwing anything with two legs and a pulse. But I didn’t. I got into fandoms instead. SUE ME.

Okay, so I started writing this in the afternoon and then saved it and now I’m here to FINISH IT. I gave blood today, so I’m quite tired. I give double blood cells or whatever it’s called and it takes a lot out of me. I’m just kind of sore and sleepy. Like I’ve been running around all day.

All right, I was talking about fandoms. You don’t really need to know much about that. How about I show you some pictures instead?

This is from today where they stuck my finger during my history. I’ve never had it bruise before. IT HURTS.

Here is my gingerbread Roman, Rahm O’Biden, hanging with a photograph of his namesake (one of them). You’ll notice he is missing part of his arm, just like Rahm is missing part of a finger.

And this here is me as a wee lass, sitting on Santa’s lap. This is the only picture I have of myself on a Santa’s lap. Probably because this Santa is not some random creeper, but is in fact my father, who dressed up to surprise me at the beauty shop one day when I was getting my hair cut.


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  1. I still check in, almost daily. So I’d say you should feel guilty…I would say that if I updated my blog more than once a month anyway.

    This has been a year from hell here as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t look to be any better just because the year changes to 2009 in a few days.

    Here’s hoping to better days for us all. :)

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