Juuuust kidding. I love that gif because it so scary that some people cry. Okay, they don’t actually cry. I just like to poke fun at my friends who think Obama is a Communist. Or a Socialist. Or a Muslim.

Here is a nicer picture. It was taken by David Katz.

Y’all, I finished my last assignment a day ahead of time because I thought Thursday was Friday and that Friday was Monday. I have had a headache all day and it has made me feel miserable. There is way too much srs bsns internet drama going on that is unnecessary and lame.

How have you been, internets?


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  1. Please, Hammer, don’t hurt ’em! heh

    You left Antichrist off the list! What kind of blogger are you?? ;0P

  2. That gif doesn’t make me cry, but it does make me anxious if I open my eyes really wide and stare at it for a long time.

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