I haven’t been neglecting you, fair readers. Things have been very busy lately and I haven’t had the ability to focus long enough to type up posts. Also, I’ve not had anything to report. I realized today, while pondering needing a new job, that I need a new KIND of job because I’ve been doing the same thing for nearly eight years solid. No. Thank you. Still trying to figure out what exactly I could do. I don’t have many skills, I can’t afford to go back to school for something else, and…idk.

I’m really tired, which is part of the reason I’ve not done anything lately. I’m just too tired to function. Bah.


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  1. I’m tired too. Maybe we could get paid to do sleep studies or something. That would be the perfect job.

    Crikey I made a blog post and then I read yours. We aren’t already having a midlife crisis are we?? hahaha

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