Once upon a time

I had things to say. In all honesty, I started a blog post the other night and the internets started being bitchy and I was really sick and I just couldn’t do it. IDK, it might be lurking around in my drafts somewhere but it’s not important. I don’t think. I don’t remember what I was talking about in that post anyway.

The past…oh…I don’t know…four years have been a little difficult. Each year they get a little more difficult, even though I know that’s not entirely true. But I think it’s safe to say that in our part of the world, 2008 had about two positive things happen in it (so far) and the rest of it can DIAF*. But the past few weeks, I’ve had more on my mind than usual, and for some reason, the past few days, I’ve had even MORE on my mind. Yesterday it was all about feeling alone and today it was all about feeling impoverished. I mean, it’s no wonder I felt that way tonight, what with the economy having a nervous breakdown at every turn.

Also, yesterday I read some of the comments on a recent blog entry at the McCain website yesterday and if you like McCain and want to vote for him, that is fine. But please scroll down until you see ELEPHANTS ARE NIFTY in bold.

A majority of the commenters were typing with their eyes closed. And their hands behind their backs. And…their feet…on fire. I know that it is common tactic call into question the integrity and character of one’s political opponent, as much as I hate that it is such. I do not harbor any illusions that this country is devoid of backward, racist ideologies. Which means I shouldn’t really be surprised at anything I’ve heard during this election (you’ll be happy to know that I’ve finally come around to Obama, mostly because of Biden, which surprised me more than it surprised you. Trust me.). But I am really sick of people calling Obama a Socialist. I WISH**. I’m really sick of them calling him a Communist. I’m really sick of them calling him a terrorist, of their supporters shouting “KILL HIM!” at rallies, of people playing guilt-by-association-when-it’s-convenient-for-them. And so on and so fucking forth. And to do it all while misspelling every other word, abusing grammar, and mostly displaying their ignorance and blatant refusal to do any research or IDK, figure things out on their own without someone else telling them what to think. My opinion of McCain has not changed because of Obama; it has changed because of what I have been reading and hearing for years. YEARS. I didn’t talk about it a lot here, but it took me a very, very, VERY long time to get to the point where I thought Obama was MY candidate. I don’t take to these types of decisions lightly. APPARENTLY THIS IS UNUSUAL.


My skin is very dry and I am going to put some lotion on it now, then fall into bed and get some sleep. It is after midnight here and as such, it is officially Friday but I wish it were Friday night so I could just look forward to sleeping in forever and ever. No such luck.

*die in a fire


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  1. Lady, I tagged you. Rules are listed on my blog. Hop to it! And get back to the blogging. We miss you.

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