Rip van Winkle

So last week, toward the end of the week, I didn’t get much sleep and I also got sick at the same time. Friday night, I don’t remember when I went to sleep but at some point in the night, I did some sleepwalking. I vaguely remember being in the bathroom, at the sink, with one contact in and desperately trying to get the other contact out of the case. I couldn’t find it and it was way too much work to LOOK for it, so I just dumped out the saline solution and went back to bed with the thought, “I CAN SEE JUST FINE WITH ONE CONTACT IN!”


I woke up at 10am and realized that it hadn’t been a dream because oh…there’s that contact in my eye. Then I found my other contact shriveled up in my contact case. ARGH. I’m poor and have like, one contact left, so I really couldn’t afford to ruin one. So I put some saline in the case, took out my other contact, and hoped the dried up one would get better. Then I went back to sleep for two hours. When I woke up my contact was fine.

Then last night I went to bed at 3am and woke up at noon today. Then I took a nap at 3 for two hours. And I’m still tired. SLEEP: I DON’T GET ENOUGH. But see, during the week, I sleep only a few hours a night so..yeah. The bad thing is, I don’t get anything done on the weekends because I’m catching up on sleep. So…all that homework I planned to get done? Yeah. Didn’t get done.

Also, my professor thinks the plot of my story isn’t possible. Funny, since it’s science fiction.



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  1. Obvsly all science fiction is based on fact, duh. Tom Cruise’s religion is based on science fiction so therefore it must be based in truth.

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