Wo kommen Sie her?

So I went a-Googlin’ for some German phrases because the Shire of Germany needs to be able to angry spout things in German at random. It doesn’t matter if those phrases include things like “IS THIS YOUR FIRST VISIT TO THE UNITED STATES?” and “MY MOTHER DIED LAST YEAR!!!!!” I just needed some phrases. At any rate, I got sucked into a vortex of German and have now decided it will be worth my while to invest in some German language learning…stuff. My brain has recognized a lot of these phrases and even remembers most of the pronunciations!

Woe on anyone within earshot.

Okay but really, I blame the German faculty in my department. One of them just had a baby and she brought this wee little week-old bundle into the office yesterday. This German baby was so tiny and snuffly. The other German faculty member happened to stop by and I watched (and seethed with jealousy) as they stood there shhhshhing with the baby in this beautifully quiet, sweet German.

Of course, thanks to Dylan Moran, when people speak German now, my brain is saying, “Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler.”


Here’s some Friday Random 10 for you.

1. The Long Way Home – 764-HERO [I love this song]
2. Girlfriend – Mollys Yes
3. Wasted – Mazzy Star
4. Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots [omg AJ, remember being in the lobby at the Carmike with R & K when we went to see this???]
5. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
6. Fidelity – Regina Spektor
7. Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde – Travis Tritt [lulz]
8. Seeing Things – The Black Crowes
9. Meant to Be – Denison Witmer
10. Dry Clothes – Annuals


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  1. HA! Everything about that movie is so loaded with memories from that night is it not?

    I was driving west out of Perry on that road that used to turn into a dirt road…you know, the one that R came walking down through the dark with his pants around his knees? LOL That is another night that I will never forget. Now that road is a paved highway leading straight to the budweiser plant. They must have known it had potential for drunken fun. hahaha

  2. @AJ – I had forgotten all about that! How could I forget? We went bowling that night. That was the same day they found Kurt, right? I think about that kind of weird shared moment of grief we had when we picked them up that night. Remember when we took R’s friend home to Morrison and it took like 3 hours? And then we picked up the hitchhiker?

  3. I know…because of them I will never forget where I was when I heard about Kurt.
    I forgot ALL about that hitchhiker!! haha That poor guy was terrified. I think he was more afraid of us than we were of him. I so wanted to kill R for picking him up with two girls in the car. lol Good times!

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