Good morning, friends

I spent my weekend watching this:

We were bemoaning a lack of decent television and decided it was time for a nice, long Sorkin marathon. We were going to start with Sports Night but we couldn’t stop talking about The West Wing, so that’s what we started on Saturday. It’s probably my favorite show of all time.

I have coffee. I like coffee.

Oh, you know what? I bought a silicone whisk on Friday night. OMG I KNOW. It was even on clearance. I feel so awesome and special! I love kitchen utensils. A lot. Too bad I have a very small kitchen. And no time to really cook.

All right, you know, I miss my crock pot. I don’t even know what happened to that little fella. I only used him like, four times. I need to buy another one because when the cold weather hits, crock pot fudz will be v. important.

Okay, I’m going to go think about cold weather now. Take care.


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  1. Did we lose the Crockpot? Or is it just hiding somewhere in the large block of boxes in the kitchen?

  2. The Crockpot has been gone since we moved from the first apartment. I think J & T took it with them on mistake? Or I left it behind. IDK. I put a fancy new one on my wishlist! It has a digital timer thing and a locking lid for easy transport!

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