Huh? What?

This has been a weird day. I woke up not realizing that my alarm had gone off. Then as I walked to the bus stop, I spilled coffee on my shirt (which is white, thanks for asking). The bus wasn’t as full as usual but the traffic was three times as bad. I encountered two ambulances on the way to work (once while on the bus and once while walking to my office) and…yeah. It’s just an odd morning. I have homework to finish.

I obvs I don’t have a lot to report. How about some pictures?

OH HAI COMPLETELY NOT-IN-THE-BOOK-SCENE OH WAIT THAT’S LIKE THE ENTIRE MOVIE. (But Tonks and Lupin! Tonks and Lupin! Tonks and Lupin in the same shot!)



Hottest Hamlet ever?


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