Holy chagrin, Batman!

Last night, I dreamed about this guy:

Not Gary Oldman. Jim Gordon. He had a gun. But I don’t remember what happened. The dream came while I was passing out to the Notorious C.H.O. on The BFF’s laptop. I woke up at one point feeling warm and fuzzy and safe because Commissioner Gordon was keeping a watchful eye on us. It’s a good thing he did because for the first time in weeks, The Doctor was absent from my dreams!

In other news, the premier of Gossip Girl was *yawn* except for Chuck/Blair. They are the only interesting storyline on the show. I watched 90210 last night. It was an hour too long for a series premier and was definitely the first episode. I’m hoping they can improve the show but at the moment, the only storylines I’m interested in are the ones involving, you know, KELLY AND BRENDA. Mr. Matthews is a hottie, so I don’t blame them for getting catty over him.

I just remembered my super awesome alternate-HP dream. I’m telling someone about it now but basically, it’s just the HP series with loads more angst and danger and a lot earlier than is in the original series. It definitely has more Weasleys.


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