You know you should be glad

A few weeks ago, I stopped washing my hair. With shampoo. I now wash my hair with baking soda but I still use regular conditioner on it. I cannot begin to say what a radical difference is has made on my hair. It seems to act more like actual hair, which is nice. The period of adjustment was kind of iffy and it’s a bit time consuming, but you also don’t have to do it as often. Last night, however, I left it in a little too long because I was shaving my legs and today, my hair is a bit on the dry side. IDC. I have better bedhead these days and looking like a sex kitten is like, my only goal in life, so I’m more or less set.

I finished The Late Hector Kipling yesterday and I don’t know about you guys but it always takes me a few days to recover from finishing a good book. I’m trying to pull my thoughts together into some sort of coherent…something. I’m not sure why; it’d just be me rambling on and on about a book.

Yawn. I’m so sleepy this morning.

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