BRB visiting pilsner lighthouse

No. Really. There’s a lighthouse shaped like a bottle of pilsner outside Copenhagen. My Swedish BFF told us about it. And showed us a picture. She also showed us the bridge over the water that cruelly and unfairly separates the Swedes and the Danes. Apparently they love each other a lot. It’s a lovefest. So I’m going to move to Sweden and then drive half an hour to visit the Danes and have a drink at their pilsner lighthouse. I even know how to say ‘hello’ in Danish now! Dav! I hope you are well.

I rescued a 115-year-old book from the basement this morning. It’s a book but it also has a lot of room for notes and someone has written a few things in the most beautiful script. I will try to take some pictures. A lot is in German though and even though I am German, I don’t speak or read it.

I’m thinking of seeing X-Files and TDK on the same day. IDK if I can handle that much epic. But I will try.

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  1. Hear me, oh sparkly pantsed one: one day I shall build thee a castle and it shall have ye a turret, and thoust turret shall be shaped like a pilsner. The end.

  2. I would so be in the seat right next to ya to see both those movies on the same day. I may overload and blow a circuit but it would be so worth it.

  3. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to pull it off. I think I’m going to have to split it up (besides, if I split them up, I can pay matinee prices for both ahahahaahaa).

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