It’s nice to see you, internets. You’re looking rather good today. Have you been up in the gym just working on your fitness? So I just finished a nice long bout of staring down at my keyboard while concentrating on keeping my eyes in the OPEN position. I forgot my jewelry this morning, so I feel a bit naked.


This has nothing to do with it. Okay. I want to see The Dark Knight while it’s in the theatres. I’d totally splurge this weekend if I thought we could see it without half the population of the world present. It’s one of those movies I need to see while it is in theatres (I love movies, tbh, and am chagrined that they cost so much). Another movie I need to see while it is in theatres as in the night it comes out? X-FILES. I will not lie to you. I am about 89 years late to the X-Files party. I’ve seen the first episode of the show and the first movie. Aside from random bits and pieces here and there, that’s all I’ve seen.


But I love it. So I really need to see this movie. I blame this fascination ENTIRELY on Chelle and The BFF.

In other movie news, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas has a release date in November for the U.S. Chagrin. You know this movie won’t be any theatres around here, especially since I think it’s just doing the art house-type showings. Urgh. But November is a long way off, so I will have sufficient time to prepare myself for David Thewlis as Nazi. WTF. Way to confuse me, DT. IDK if I should punch you in the face or what.

Oy. Random. I am so sleepy right now. Here are some random songs that Spunk Ransom picked out for you guys this morning.

1. Morning After (live) – Howie Day
2. When the Lights Go Out – Five
3. Cheatin’ – Gin Blossoms
4. Alone – Ben Harper
5. You Won’t Be Mine – Matchbox 20
6. Mad Season – Matchbox 20
7. Our World Fades Away (live) – Collective Soul
8. Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer
9. No More No Less (live, original version) – Collective Soul
10. Dream for Me – Moss Eisley

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  1. You make a good point… WHY ARE MOVIES SO EXPENSIVE?! I LOVE the movies, but you know what I don’t love? Spending my life’s savings going to see one. Or stuffing my pockets full of contraband snacks so that I save a buck. When I run for president, this is the second thing on my platform. (My first being, if you recall, longer weekends.)

  2. We always take snacks in. There’s a Target right down the road from the theatre we frequent. Thank god big purses are easy to come by ;) ALSO. More than once we snuck Taco Bell in. SCORE.


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