Facebook: a place for families

Y’all, my uncle just friended me on Facebook. I’ve not seen him since I was 8. I’m also friends with my cousins (his children) and my parents. I went in and tried to tweak my profile a bit, so they won’t think I’m a complete loser but I really think I’m beyond hope. I am big geek and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


IDK what I was going to say here. Invariably something about The Remus Lupins, who have been owning my life this week. I listen to The Seven Potters and my soul feels a bit warm and fuzzy.

It has taken me a while to write this entry because god, WORK keeps getting in the way (wtf?) but I just got this message from my uncle:

yo sparklepants

**** got me onto fb. how cool is that? i’m trying to write on your wall.


I LOVE MY UNCLE, OK. That solidified it for me.


That is all for now.

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  1. My cousin befriended me on Facebook and let me tell you, it’s given me a whole new perspective. Seeing her life all laid out Facebook-style? ENLIGHTENING.

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