Oh what

I’m watching a show on the crucifixion and HOW DID JESUS DIE? WHAT WAS THE CAUSE OF DEATH?



Let’s nail you to one and see how long you live.

Okay so I couldn’t sleep last night. And yesterday I was sick. I still don’t feel 100% but you know, when it’s 5am and you haven’t slept all night and you need to have slept because you have to go to work, the world can seem very, very bleak. You are somehow granted this terrifying clarity of thought that allows you to remember all of your mistakes and then apply those mistakes to your future. I mean, it’s pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

Kind of like punching yourself in the face while wearing brass knuckles.


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  1. Yeah. My moments of clarity happen in the tossing and turning of trying to get to sleep. Between 10 and midnight. Ha! My friends know better than to answer the phone. All they’re gonna hear is bawling.

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