Donde estan mis amigos con queso?


I don’t remember Spanish.

I hurt my thumb this morning in a stunning display of motor skills. I turned off the shower and ripped the top layer of skin off my thumb knuckle. I’m not quite sure how this happened but there was some blood and a bit of pain.

Yesterday I was internets stalking articles on my favorite obsession and discovered that he’s working on a second book. It was no official announcement, just a casual mention in an interview about processes you run into as a writer/actor/artist and how he’s running into it with his second novel. This thrilled me down to the tippest of my tippy-toes, fair readers. I have yet to finish the book because let’s face it. I am a slow reader. And also, other things distract me. Like sleep and Harry Potter marathons on TV and sleep. I’m alternately disturbed and amused that DT’s parents really did have a phenomenal meltdown over an ugly, overpriced piece of furniture. In the bathtub over the weekend, I found myself talking to Hector Kipling out loud while I read the book. He’s such a lovable guy but you really do kind of secretly hope someone drops something on his head as the book progresses.

I like this song.

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