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We discovered that taking the “long” way to the venue is actually shorter than taking the short version, if only because you don’t have to drive through a neighborhood to get there. WIN. However, due to the fail parking situation at the venue (seriously, it seems to get worse every year), we ended up taking the short way back home. Wasn’t too bad but you know, urgh.

SO. I’m x-posting this to LJ and my blog-blog, so…yeah. Those of you on LJ were subjected to my voice messages last night, which are really just shitty quality mp3 of parts of songs. Where to start? The parking lot where we drank vodka and Dr. Pepper? Okay, let’s start there. The kids two cars down from us got busted for underage drinking and the cops made them dump the entire contents of their trunk into the dirt (a case of beer…in cans), which I thought was kind of funny. I mean, they looked to be about 17 or 18 and really, did they think that cops don’t patrol the parking lots? If you’re underage and have your heart set on tailgating, either pre-game at home and get a DD, or do what we did: before you leave home, dump a smidge of a 20 ounce soda into a cup and add alcohol of your choice, then fill it the rest of the way with what you poured out. EASY PEASY.

We trudged over to the gates and waited in line for a few minutes behind a group of really obnoxious teenagers. One girl had a ~dazzling~ blue flower in her hair. One of them was in front of me in the line check and they made her shake out her blanket, which sent her digital camera clunking onto the pavement. LAUGH. But then the attendant was all, “WHAT IS THAT??” like he was a cop or something. Whatever. The lady who “searched” (jabbed at) my purse managed to knock two of my pins off. I was like WTF PUT THEM BACK ON, HOAR. Okay, I didn’t say that. But I thought it.

We paid a ridiculous amount of money for some failbeer and then found our seats. Oh, look. They’re exactly where they always are. Except in the FAILsection of the venue. House music was Sgt. Pepper and then to Magical Mystery Tour. We kept the few people sitting around us entertained by singing along to every song. Loudly. No, no. We were still sober. We saw the WH guy walking around talking to people (just look for someone wearing a pass, holding a piece of paper, and talking to random people) but he didn’t talk to us. ARGH. The entire time. They bumped people all through Michael Franti and Spearhead (SO GOOD…even though I spent most of their set on the concourse procurring frozen beverages). Didn’t bump us. Okay, whatever.

Every year we play this game, The BFF and I: when will the band take the stage? We get a five minute window either way and half the difference between our times is a tie. Anything falling outside of that is a loss. This year we also chose show opener, show closer, and encore closer. I won show closer! Woo!

Seek Up *
So Damn Lucky *
Corn Bread *
Crush *
Sledgehammer *
#41 *
Pantala Naga Pampa–> *
Rapunzel *
The Space Between +
Dancing Nancies *
The Idea Of You *
Smooth Rider *
Everyday *
Louisiana Bayou *


Gravedigger *
Tripping Billies *

Show Notes:
Send good thoughts for LeRoi
* Jeff Coffin
+ Dave, Carter and Tim

I won’t go through the show song by song because I don’t want you to hate me but having Seek Up as an opener nearly killed me. We tend to get pretty epic opening songs at our shows but this tour, it seems that they’ve ALL been fairly incredible (I guessed #41 would open). So Damn Lucky…I freaked. I still can’t believe they’re playing things, full band, from Dave’s solo album. We had one other WH member sitting near us (that we know of) and the three of us spent the first, IDK, five or six songs freaking out on each other.

Funny story about Crush! So they’ve played Seek Up (released on Remember Two Things, 1993) and Granny (written for but not released on Under the Table and Dreaming, which was released in 1994, and remains one of the most popular regularly played songs live) and really, you could tell there were diehards about, especially during Granny because of all the love!baby! that was going on. So they start playing Crush and the kid beside me gets my attention for the half a second that I’m not screaming my head off and says, “Yeah! Now they’re finally playing some old school stuff!”

You’re going to come to me with that?

Crush was released on Before These Crowded Streets in 1998.

Their cover of Sledgehammer is just ridiculous. I loved it. And we got Nancies! We’d never seen Nancies (or Seek Up or Crush or SDL or Gravedigger or Space Between), so our show was pretty epic in so far as songs we hadn’t seen yet.

I know a lot of people reading this are mostly interested in how things sound without Roi. Let me tell you right now that it is pretty obvious that he’s not there and not just because when you look over to that side of the stage, there’s no beautiful Roi rocking his sunglasses. I should preface all of this by saying that Jeff Coffin wailed last night. He is unfuckingbelievable (they did the Sojourn jam during #41, I mean WTF. Epic.). But Roi’s absence was pretty noticeable, to me at least. He and Boyd play so well off one another, so that dynamic was a bit skewed. Jeff and Tim had some pretty epic jams though. Dave said a bit about how there’s nothing wrong with Roi that can’t be fixed, at the start of the show, and there were some people with signs down front. After Gravedigger, Dave got us to chant WE WANT ROI! for the video they’re sending him.

All of that said, there’s still an amazing dynamic on stage with Coffin. You’ll miss Roi but you’ll be appeased, I think. And I would like to add that I very much noticed Butch’s absence. There were several songs during which I caught myself singing a part that wasn’t there — Butch’s.

What am I leaving out? Dave was hot (duh). He donned Timmy’s sunglasses during Smooth Rider, which, by the way, was effing hot with TWO electric guitars.

Um. I’m really tired. And…that’s it.

FUN. I WOULD DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT. Even though the crowd (around us) was epic fail.

Oh! And we eavesdropped on a taper as he was leaving the show — he was set up in the best spot, right in front of the board, I think (idk?). I should’ve gotten his name but whatever. I had to pee.

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  1. You. Cow.

    You got a #41 with Sojourn. You got Sledgehammer. You got Granny. You. Got. My. Song. YOU GOT CRUSH.


    I am wailing with the most abject jealousy I can possibly express.

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