Does that make me crazy?

This morning I had a very Lost in Translation-esque dream. I was in Paris/Amsterdam (don’t ask me how they managed to be the same place at the same time) alone. I didn’t speak any French or Dutch and I was near the Eiffel Tower, which was surrounded by the most exotic and colorful garden I’ve ever seen, and I was walking along this breezeway and OMFG, I passed David Thewlis, at which point Paris/Amsterdam became Rome. I DO NOT KNOW. So I was kind of silently freaking out because OMG David Thewlis lives here, which means Ann Friel does too and OMG. Then this man and woman, who supposedly I kind of knew (? idk), came up while I was sitting there watching David and Anna and Gracie eating lunch at this posh bistro, and they were all LET’S EAT HERE, SHALL WE? And I was like, NO I CANNOT EAT IN FRONT OF THEM ARE YOU KIDDING??? But we went there anyway and we didn’t eat. We just drank a lot of wine and then we watched The O.C.

No lie.

David Thewlis and Anna Friel totally watched The O.C. with me in my dream. I KNOW YOU’RE JEALOUS OF ME RIGHT NOW.

So yesterday I found out the seat locations for our DMB show in a few weeks. We’re sitting in the same general area we always sit in. Which isn’t bad! And I’m glad to be going! Just someday, I’d like to be one of those lucky bastards who gets confirmed for the 2nd row or something.

I watched a show about Hitler last night. I love having History Channel International again. It’s like, my favorite channel ever.

I brought the laptop to work with me today so I can do things on my lunchbreak (AKA HANG OUT IN THE BURROWS) and I’m kind of thrilled because that means I have Order of the Phoenix at my immediate disposal. Can you say Sirius and Remus cuddling at the table? Sure, I knew you could!

Here, watch Gary Oldman and David Thewlis be all hot for each other in this interview. David Thewlis is a deer. GARY OLDMAN SAID SO.

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