What the Hale

I am wearing a dress, y’all. This happens about once every twenty years. I’m wearing it because the idea of a waistband made me really sad this morning. I don’t feel well at all, don’t have coffee, and am wearing a dress. You can totally see how this is a Monday, right? On the plus side, I haven’t shaved my legs in a few weeks, so I have guaranteed that I won’t be bothered by anyone the entire day.

I keep having dreams about hanging out with AJ. Prophetic? We are always in our hometown and I am always waiting for her. I don’t know why, since she lives about two blocks from every point in that town, and last night, I was trying to get in touch with her to tell her I was going somewhere else because someone was pissing me off at the first place I went. But then she wouldn’t answer her phone and I was getting frustrated because my chai latte was getting cold and people were being themselves and I just wanted to see AJ. This is the third or fourth dream like this that I’ve had in the past month. What the Hale?! I need to get my ass home and see AJ for reals!

I have decided that The BFF and I desperately need a vacation. We need to go somewhere and just completely let go and relax. We have a short list of possibilities and while I OF COURSE am leaning in one direction, they ALL sound lovely. New England or Florida. LIFE WOULD BE AWESOME. We have connections everywhere, so it’s like win-win no matter what. I can get discounts in Orlando through work; WHAT THE HALE? I don’t even live in Florida! IDK, it’s kind of redonk. Sadly, some of my secondary goals for the vacation spots are to check out the local graduate schools. WTF. When did I become so old and stodgy?

Twimoms got their tatas signed by RPATTZ last night, so it’s kind of a dark day.

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  1. What? You had a chai latte without me? And seriously, next time come knock on the door cuz I never get a signal in my house. heh

    Come to hokieloma! I miss you!!

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