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I slept fitfully (though soundly) last night. I was worried about The BFF, who was not sleeping (I suspect Nargles), and also I kept having Harry Potter dreams (I WONDER WHY. BTW, I KIND OF HAVE A THING FOR TOM FELTON NOW WTF.). AND I kept dreaming about a boy. THE Boy. The one who makes me tingle all the way down to the tips of my tootsies. The only bad thing is that I don’t quite remember any of the dreams. Again, I suspect Nargles.

OH! I did dream that our seat locations were up at Warehouse BUT I COULDN’T GET THE PAGE TO LOAD. Even in my dreams, the internets cockblocks me.

I feel pretty lousy today, thanks to this female affliction I be having, which started at 3am. THREE IN THE MORNING. WHAT. I don’t get it either. Apparently my body just hates me a lot. I have to clean the kitchen today and I’m determined to get all those clothes in my room bagged up for disposal at the local thrift store.

Last night was the first night of the DMB tour! It was in Burgettstown, which is basically Pittsburgh, and they’re back again tonight, so I’m really hoping their presence is a good luck charm for the Pens! What a crazy place to be tonight. A DMB show and a Stanley Cup game. I think my head would explode. Last night’s setlist was a little strange, with very few old songs, and I’m sorry, but I would’ve been hella disappointed if that had been my encore. I am in the minority of people who is not dying of happiness that Tim Reynolds is touring with them this summer. I mean, I think he’s an excellent musician who brings a lot to the stage and it’ll be cool to see someone so legendary, but if they’re going to have weird ass closers this summer just because they can, I’m going to punch myself in the face. That said, #27 and Cornbread survived from last summer, which is awesome because the three (right?) new songs played summer (those two plus Eh Hee) are freaking amazing. I don’t understand people who don’t like #27, not even a little. I think it does a good job of embodying that disgust you feel for yourself when you are crazy in love with someone. I think it’s probably one of the sexiest and most romantic songs I’ve ever heard. And don’t even get me started on Cornbread. Hillary knows what I’m talking about.

Okay, now that I’ve rambled like a lot about DMB, I’m going to check up on the seat locations and maybe think about cleaning the kitchen. After I see what’s on television.

GO PENS!!!!!!

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  1. Little bit of heaven and a little bit of HELL yeah.

    I’m also really in love with #27. It reminds me of some of the really old school country music my parents listened to when I was young, and therefore has a weird tinge of nostalgia to it, for me. I wonder if that same thing is why some people don’t enjoy it?

    If they play Granny at Memphis, I will flip. my. shit.

  2. sparklepants

    For REALS. We saw Granny in 2005 FROM THE 10TH ROW. Trufax. It was suh-weet.

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