I’ma be your sex machine tonight

This is quite possibly the best thing on the internets ever (kind of not safe for work and definitely not something you want to watch if you are serious business about Harry Potter):

Wednesday afternoon, after my lunch break, I started feeling really strange. My head got all buzzy and I was really tired and weak. This usually signals the onset of a truly horrific migraine, but it hasn’t popped up yet, so I’m hoping it was just a fluke. Of course, given the fact that then I became an emo, it might have just been hormones.

Yesterday I stayed home to take care of some stuff, specifically The BFF, who has been very sick lately (please to send her warm fuzzies!). We splurged and had Wendy’s for dinner, because sometimes you just need it. I gave myself carpal tunnel playing The Sims all day long. And every time I walked into the kitchen, my brain went, “AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” because of the mess. See, we have this magic kitchen that dirties itself no matter how many times you clean it. Yesterday I loaded the dishwasher and ran it, only to find both sinks full of dishes the next time I went in there. Explain this, please.

At some point today, possibly on my lunch break, I’m going to sit down and plan out our packing scheme. We have two weeks to box up or give away everything we own. Two. Weeks. Wish us luck.

Friday Randomosity, brought to you by iChip:
1. Angel – Matt Nathanson
2. Hey Baby – No Doubt
3. Done Wrong – Ani DiFranco
4. Circle of Friends – Better Than Ezra
5. Hella Good – No Doubt
6. January Rain – David Gray
7. Winter Moment – Kristofer Astrom & Hidden Truck
8. She Says – Howie Day
9. Mad Season – Matchbox 20
10. Independence Day – Elliott Smith

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  1. Are you moving? I am way behind the times.

  2. Bryan & I played that video and we kept rewinding it over and over to the part where Dumbledore whirls around, points, and goes “FUCK you”. I think we laughed until we cried.

  3. sparklepants

    We watch it at least twice a day. It is hilarious. And it has become a HUGE thing in the Twilight community I’m a member of. heh

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