Dot dot dot

It’s the first day back at work after a long weekend and I am not enjoying it. At all. I slept like crap last night; I think it had something to do with the shirt I was wearing. No lie. If I’m not wearing a loose, breathy top, then I can’t sleep. Sadly, my DMB shirt is not loose and breathy. After I changed into a tank top at 3:30, I slept in longer spurts (45 minutes instead of 20!) until it was time to roll my ass out of bed. Ugh.

So I have this hot “friend” on iLike. I found him completely by accident in one of those “these people have similar tastes!” sections. He’s pretty cute and from San Francisco and also has some pretty taste choice in music, so I left a quick message saying so. I didn’t hear back, so I assumed he deleted it, just like I delete messages from random people. But then I got a message from four or five days earlier from someone else and the day after that, I got a response from this guy saying he just saw my message. So iLike is slow; don’t use it for rapid communication. FYI. Anyhow, we’re friends now and that’s awesome.

And also boring.

Good god.

I am now babysitting someone who is old enough to be my father. Nice.

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