Do I dazzle you?

This morning on the bus, a girl sat next to me. The girl had two bags, one on each shoulder (a purse and another…thing). I always thought that it was generally accepted transit manners to hold your bags on your lap if someone is sitting beside you so that they don’t end up with their personal belongings on your lap. Apparently, I was wrong. The girl simply kept smashing the bag on her right shoulder into me while I shifted around as much as possible. You know, in that zero inches of space between me and the side of the bus. I mean, I know I take up more space than your average bear but do you really need to let me know how frustrated you are by that by smooshing me with your dumb bag? It kind of made me feel less than human. Which made me angry. Which made my sinuses hurt more. Also, iChip was being a bitch this morning and giving me stupid songs to listen to. WTF. Not cool.

I’m so excited to have a three-day weekend! Maybe I can get some packing done. And some cleaning. Oy.

Sorry I can’t be more interesting. I want to write up a post about the season finale of Bones but I’m still too disappointed to say anything other than I WANT TO PUNCH HART HANSON IN THE GONADS.

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  1. i missed it! but maybe that’s not so bad.

  2. I mean, it’s worth watching to round out the season once you get around to it! But the beginning is weird, given how the previous episode ends, and then the SURPRISE TWIST OMG thing is just…gah. Parts of it are just beautiful though. WATCH IT.

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