I won’t reveal any spoilery information here but FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Also, some whoooorez are pissing me off today. I mean like, THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM YOU KNOW. Rude Cactus made a very interesting post today about the connectiveness of our world and damn, can I say that it is both very good and very bad? And when it is very bad, it is VERY BAD. But like most things, when it is very good, it is VERY VERY GOOD. Except for all the ways in which it is not.

You can have my coffee mug when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

ETA: I loved the SF of House! I just didn’t like SOBBING MY EYES OUT. That is all. I was an excellent SF. Heart-breaking. So rest assured! I am not actually hating on the ep!

I am, however, still v. pissed at Hart Hansen for what he did on Bones. Grr. It was an actual FAIL. Am hating on it HARDCORE.


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  1. You were anti the House SF? *makes stunned face*

  2. Dude! House was intense! Best SF I’ve seen in many years on anything!

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