Post-college adulthood musical!

I’m currently playing around with iTunes, cleaning up track titles, deleting stupid shit I don’t like, and rediscovering songs I have kind of forgotten about. Or discovering songs I never quite listened to. THIS IS FUN. I’m not much of an organizer, so I doubt this will last very long but I’m kind of enjoying it at the moment.

The next big music chore? Figuring out which Howie shows to leave on iChip and which ones to take off. I KNOW. I also have five or six NEW shows to listen to (new = March/April), so I really have to take some of the older ones off. I will probably delete all of them but Electric Factory (2004) because that’s one of my favorite shows.

Benny Goodman! Wow. I have some really great stuff on here!

And if you aren’t already listening to Band of Horses, may I take this moment to BEAT YOU IN THE HEAD.

I have something in my eye. Aside from my eyeball and my contact.


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