Where did the weekend go?

I had an eventful weekend. Friday night, I went to the store and bought groceries so we would no longer have only 4 packages of Ramen, a thing of peanut butter, and 5 cans of spaghetti sauce. I also bought beer. Mmmm beer. I stayed up late-ish (2:30?) and woke up at 8:30ish and spent most of the day bumming around doing not much except for making loose plans with JPG (who is now known as J-PEG in our house). Then I took a nap and had a very, very bad dream that The BFF insists is just my subconscious working itself out, which I know is probably quite true, but it doesn’t stop the horrible feelings that have been hanging out ever since I woke up in a panic. This is how it went:

Sparkle Pants: *sleeping, dreaming*
Sparkle Pants: *awake* *GASP*
Sparkle Pants’ heart: *wibble*
Sparkle Pants’ eyes: *cry*

Yup. So then I had to get ready to go out! And I had to make sure I looked good, naturally. Plus, I cleaned out my car. RED LETTER DAY. We had pizza and then coffee and then we went back to his place, where he gave me like, every item of food left in his cabinets because he had to move out the next morning. We talked for about 80 gazillion hours and then he tried to break my brain and I was so tired that I didn’t realize it, which I think made his brain break just a tiny bit.

AND THEN. I came home. On the way home, someone tried to flag me down. I kept driving. Here is why:

1. I was alone.
2. It was almost 1:30am.
3. It was on a vacant road in the woods by a lake.
4. There was a gas station two feet up the road that they were, in my opinion, perfectly capable of reaching.

So I got home, couldn’t sleep for a bit because WHY IS MY BRAIN MALFUNCTIONING OH WAIT BAD DREAM HAI. Yesterday I slept. For most of the day. And when I wasn’t sleeping, I was crying. My god, life is awesome sometimes.

I have Nine in the Afternoon by PATD on…not on repeat. But it’s in the very short playlist I have on repeat. The title of this playlist? You make me want to stab my eyes out. It’s the best ever, right?

Here’s a little Monday morning tip for your Aunt Sparkle Pants: Mediterreanian pasta salad and coffee don’t mix well, especially at 8am.

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