It’s true

*Yesterday, I was rocking out so hard to Rush’s Tom Sawyer that I nearly fell down an entire flight of stairs.

*I meant to bring my camera with me to work today so I could take some pictures at lunch and, you know, USE MY FLICKR ACCOUNT FOR ONCE.

*I forgot my camera.

*One of the items of clothing I received the other night was this fantastic, thin cotton snap-up hoodie thing that just kind of drapes. I washed it last night just so I could wear it today and it is so, so comfortable. I see this becoming one of my favorite articles of clothing ever.

*Maybe tonight I will take a picture of myself in it!

*I had to buy a bottle of saline at the student store this morning because a rock fell in my eye.

*Okay, I think it was an eyelash.

*That’s all the brilliance I have for now.

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  1. “Okay, I think it was an eyelash.”

    I *heart* you, Sparkle Pants.

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