Okay, so I have a baby stalker. A wee, harmless baby stalker who is beginning to mimic me because, I fear, she assumes there’s a bit more to a certain situation than there actually is. I mean, I’m flattered and have absolutely no problem with her jumping to the conclusion to which she has jumped, except for the fact that it is a conclusion based solely on suspicion and, you know, assumptions rather than actual fact. Sad.

I’m a bit of a chameleon and am prone to pick up on other people’s mannerisms and habits, especially if I feel connected to them. I do it to a lot of friends; I adopt facial expressions, gestures, sayings, intonations…it is largely unconscious on my part but it makes me feel even more connected to those people. Sometimes I pick up on their likes and dislikes but prefer to keep those things to myself because they seem a little odd and Single White Female. (I am still prone to do things because The BFF does them and I want to be her, so I suppose I am a little SWF there.)

The point is, as a chameleon and observer, you learn that the best way to win someone over is to flatter them discreetly. You don’t become outwardly obsessed with every single thing they do and reflect those things back to them everyday so that they can see that you are cool just like them look, see? We are doing the same thing right now omg!


Like I said, I’m flattered that someone wants to impress me/gain some insight into me/etc. but um? Don’t do it so obviously! Change it up a little bit! Be creative. Be your own person! That’s much more appealing.

Now if you don’t mind, I have some chameleoning to do.

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  1. Hey there, SP. I *like* you.

  2. I wish I could be just like SparklePants in all her sparkly pantsed glory *making mental note to purchase sparkly pants*

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