Internet kismet

Have you ever come across a blog and wondered how in the world such a gem could exist without your knowing about it? And you start reading more and more posts and you’re all OMG HILARIOUS! OMG! ME TOO! ME TOO! SISTER FRIEND ME TOO!??

That just happened to me! Well, okay. It happens pretty much any time I read a blog because I’m a chameleon. I also like blogs a lot. But still, Mackenzie’s blog did that to me in a way that made me want to tell you all to go READ her blog now because she is funny. She might be less funny if you’re male. I don’t know, you men are so weird these days.

She has inspired me to post a picture of my white ass legs but I can’t do that right now, given the 8 years of leg hair currently residing there (unless you’d like to see my spikey gams, then I will gladly oblige — but I really hope you don’t because there are some really attractive guys who read this blog and I would hate to do anything to make them think any less of me). So I’ll shave them up here pretty soon and show you what white legs REALLY LOOK LIKE. Girl, your legs aren’t white. MINE are white. Blindingly so. And also a little pink. I’m kind of like a toddler in that as I get older, the more I resemble my two-year-old self.

Okay. Enough rambling. Back to reading Mackenzie’s blog.


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