A blogger’s paradise

I have had a really, really horrible day for a lot of reasons but this? This just made my day. I had two comments awaiting moderation when I logged in and even though they’re from the same person, they’re too good to share.

In response to this post, Lilly (i_want_sex_badly@live.com) [it saddens me when they use fake email addresses], who appears to be coming to us live from Down Under, wanted me to know that “u suck” and also that “this website sucks. i need answers for a skool project and this doent help. fix it”.

Sometimes when I make posts, I forget that the future of the planet is frantically Google-searching the content for their research papers that are due in the morning (even though they’ve known about them for two months), and I blog about things that aren’t helpful. For that, I heartily apologize. How foolish of me to think that you’d actually use a legitimate source for information. What was I thinking?

ETA: This is what Lilly Hogan searched for to find my site: if your fat your dumb. I have one thing to say to you. BABY FLAVORED DONUTS.


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  1. I’m a little jealous, after all, someone you don’t know personally found your website and commented. That’s progress to someone like me who hasn’t reached that level of notoriety yet:)

    But also, she’s young, clearly dumb and unfortunately just another planet polluter.

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