Hi-ho, hi-ho, get the hell out of my face

There are little men with ice picks in my face and they are tapping away at my sinuses like they’re getting paid hella bank to do so. Please stop, little men. My face, it can’t take no more abuse.

In other news, I’m going to a fancy place for lunch today. And I don’t have to pay! Now if I could only get away with having a few glasses of wine* with my meal. I looked at the menu online yesterday so I could prepare myself for the various foods and wow, I am going to stick out like a sore thumb. I can’t pronounce most of the dishes but I did find one I could pronounce: CHEESEBURGER. Nothing says high class like a slab of beef between two pieces of bread with fries on the side.

I don’t have anything else to say (I’ve actually been thinking about a post on proving one’s worth to the outside world when there are certain “limiting” factors involved), so how’s about we see what iChip feels like playing today?

1. Under the Sun – Sugar Ray
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Ray Charles
3. Everybody Wants You – Josh Kelley
4. I Wanna Grow Old with You – Adam Sandler (Wedding Singer)
5. Anna Begins – Counting Crows
6. Goodnight Elisabeth – Counting Crows
7. Everything Zen – Bush
8. Walking Contradiction – Green Day
9. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes – Sun Kil Moon
10. Late Night Radio – David Gray

*Okay, okay. One glass. Because we all know that I drink one glass and then pass out for 20 hours.

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