Blogging for women in Congo/Monday rambling

Okay, so yesterday there was supposed to be a huge outpouring of blogging for women in Congo. More specifically, about the atrocities that women in Congo face daily. I thought, “Wow, this is awesome and so exactly what I want to educate people on but god, I’m really exhausted and a little sick and ohhh look! My bed!” I am officially the worst person on the face of the planet. Not that my little blog post would change the world but education is key (or “planting the seeds”, as we wacky Christians would say) and if one person realizes the depth of this issue, then that’s all that matters. Other people blogged about it, so you should go read that for your education.

Yesterday was kind of a wash for me. Well, to be honest, the entire weekend was a wash. I accomplished absolutely nothing and have developed such a fear of my homework that I didn’t actually do any of it. It’s due tomorrow, so tonight and tomorrow will be excrutiatingly fun. I have a little under two weeks to write a short story and even though I have a pretty good idea of what I’m writing, I still can’t turn off K-Fucked Radio.

Me: Okay! I’m going to sit down and knock this bitch out so I can enjoy my life!
Brain: Don’t be too wordy.
Me: I’m not too wordy!
Brain: You’re too wordy.
Me: That was a brilliant line we just came up with. Isn’t it brilliant? It flows, it moves, it has COLOR.
Brain: Wordy.
Me: Huh?
Brain: It’s wordy.
Me: Okay then…how about this?
Brain: *headdesk*
Me: Well, if you’re so good at this, why don’t YOU write it?
Brain: Can’t. No new ideas. Or good ones.
Me: How about a bad idea? It worked in “Under the Tuscan Sun”…
Brain: Nope.
Me: You’re a stubborn jackass, you know that?
Brain: Just honest. Stop telling the same story over and over again. Stop ripping yourself off. Stop SUCKING.
Me: *whimper*

So. You know. There we are. On a positive note, we were assigned an Amy Tan story this week and it was quite an enjoyable read (“The Rules of the Game”).

In other news, this morning on the bus, I got severely distracted by the FKA. No, not because the FKA was THERE (lordy, wouldn’t my fellow passengers have been treated to some early morning antics if that were the case?!) but I was listening to Shoop (srsly, iChip was on shuffle) and I was like, yeah, I need to write her a letter because damn. Then I wondered about how I could ever slyly snag a handful. And well, it was all downhill after that.

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  1. ps! i taught that story to my kids! i love her!

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