Bed head

I woke up with the best bed head this morning. I went into the bathroom, put in my contacts, and took my first clear view of myself. Wow!  Tremendous bed head! So I dreamed up a tremendous bed head scenario and merrily went about my day.

Which brings us to the Sparkle Pantsosphere. You know, last night I was all “OMG I POSTED ABOUT THIS AT MY BLOG!” on another blog and this morning when I checked my stats, I wanted to retract it all because hey, all of a sudden people were coming to my blog. I’m fine being a stupid, shallow, boring blogger around my friends and total strangers who stumble in looking for variations on “do it all night lyrics” and “sparkly html” but when a bunch of people in a community I have mad respect for come over for a visit? Well, it’s kind of like that time I gave my friend a ride and he spent the entire time making fun of my dirty car and my Nsync CD.

So, tremendous bed head vs. crippling fear of humiliation. It’s a cage fight and only one will walk away.

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