We’re not just Warehouse

My Warehouse package came in the mail while The BFF was far away, so I hid it in the closet so I wouldn’t be tempted to open it. Unfortunately, hers still hasn’t arrived but tonight we ripped mine open and as usual, got a kick out of the gift, which is different every year. One year we got a cool keychain (if you are lucky enough to see my keys, you’ll see it there, being all big) and another year we got light-up pens. This year? Oh, this year baby. We got something VERY special:

Playing cards! Let the gambling begin! They are very cool with the shiny silver fire dancer on the back. I haven’t taken them out of the packaging yet, so I have no idea what special little details there are on the cards themselves.

But that wasn’t the best part. No, the best part is this:

WAREHOUSE 8. Yeah. We’re not just Warehouse. We’re Warehouse elite, bitch.


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  1. You say that like it’s the first time we’ve ever gotten Warehouse 8!

  2. Well, yeah. I know it’s not the first we’ve gotten it but this is the first time I’ve *taken pictures* of the CD.

  3. Score! Gotta say, Bartender has to be my favorite of the bunch.

  4. Did you order your tickets from WH this year? Have you gotten them yet? My tickets are supposedly WH (I am not a member but my FIL is made of magic), but I haven’t gotten them yet. I wantz them!

  5. @HG: we had an unforeseen expense pop up at the last minute, seriously the day before the ordering period ended, so I had to cancel our order. We’re hoping to get tix through instant ticketing for our show and maybe one other, if we can scrape together our pennies :D

    Speaking of magic, someone I worked with at my last job, her parents have been in WH since it started (give or take a few months) and they seriously got a PHONE CALL from WH a few years back offering them FRONT ROW SEATS. A phone call! From WH! What I wouldn’t give to have that kind of rank….

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